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Hear ye hear ye!!DSC_0008.JPG

Golfers of all ages, sizes, and skill levels - this tool can help you target the problem areas in your swing and improve your game with almost no effort.  In fact, it's so effective, you don't even need a ball!

Zepp Golf sensor is a Bluetooth sensor that attaches to the back of your golf glove and maps your swing in 3D to provide you with more metrics than you can shake a golf club at!  It really is very easy to get started, and quite frankly you just need enough room to take a full swing with any club you have, regardless of whether you have a ball or not.

It took me all of 5 minutes from removing the device from its charging cradle to swinging a club at the park.  "No Golfing" signs around?  Don't hit golf balls then!

clip_now_20150112_204852.pngJust swingaway!

Your smartphone will record any and all swings you take with your sensor while it's within range of the phone.  And while you are swinging, you will get INSTANT feedback on your swing through 8 different metrics that are tracked via the gyroscope.  You can touch any of the measured metrics, and golf pros will provide you with details on what's being measured, and tips on how to improve that part of your swing.  Even if you are not connected to a smart device, the sensor will record your swings, and then sync with your device the next time it pairs with your smart device.

I'm located in the Northeast, where GOLF is a four letter word during winter months.  BUT... it doesn't mean I can't practice my swing on grassy patches.

Enjoy, and let me know if it helps your swing!


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