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Sprint Solution Enabler Partners Can Now Serve as a One-Stop Shop for Developers Accessing Multiple APIs


Sprint announces new solution enabler partners: LOC-AID, Neustar, OpenMarket and TechnoCom

Sprint announced four new partners with expanded capabilities that make it even easier for developers to create innovative applications and wireless solutions for both the consumer and enterprise customers. The new solution enabler partners – LOC-AID, Neustar, OpenMarket and TechnoCom -- will now have direct access to all of Sprint’s application programming interfaces (APIs).  A first among carriers, this direct access will enable approved developers to access location, messaging, presence, geofencing, payments and additional APIs through one partner platform. In addition, this will simplify and accelerate the certification and on-boarding process for applications and solutions.

Sprint Services Framework:

At the tenth annual Sprint Developer Conference last fall, Sprint introduced the Sprint Services Framework, which provides a single Web 2.0 interface for developers to access APIs directly from Sprint. Through the Sprint Services Framework, developers have seamless capabilities across most Sprint devices including mobile handsets and embedded devices, operating systems and development environments including web pages and applications. Sprint is building on that today with the introduction of solution enablers who also may provide this access for developers across a range of APIs.

Sprint Solution Enablers:

TechnoCom Corporation - A leading provider of enterprise location solutions is expanding its capabilities to deliver location-based and messaging services to businesses. Using the open network services provided by Sprint Services Framework, TechnoCom Location Platform™ enables caller location determination and mobile messaging to foster development of new, location-aware applications for Sprint and Nextel subscribers. Designed to deliver operational efficiencies and ubiquitous access for mobile and landline user location and messaging, TechnoCom Location Platform provides enterprises with the most comprehensive turn-key, cross-carrier, cross-device Web services platform for new revenue-generating applications. For more information, please visit:

OpenMarket – OpenMarket, a division of Amdocs, is a leading global mobile transaction hub. OpenMarket provides a comprehensive set of payments, messaging and value-added services to developers in a cross-channel, cross-platform environment. OpenMarket works with strategic mobile operator partners like Sprint to continuously expose high-value enablers to application developers, thus driving innovation in the mobile ecosystem and facilitating valuable services to mobile consumers. OpenMarket allows developers to build innovative applications and monetize them by leveraging enablers such as payments, location and messaging capabilities via the highly scalable and available OpenMarket platform. For more information, please visit

Neustar (NYSE: NSR) - a leader in providing carriers and enterprises with solutions for sending calls, messages, and content across networks worldwide, is partnering with Sprint through its Neustar Intelligent Cloud solution. The Neustar Intelligent Cloud provides solution providers, content companies and enterprises the right tools for creating and delivering smarter, scalable mobile applications and services across multiple operator networks. The newly launched solution combines Neustar’s own mobile discovery and information services with messaging, location and presence services accessed through Sprint’s Services Framework. This partnership results in the ability to create streamlined mobile services and better mobile experiences for Sprint subscribers. For more information, visit   

LOC-AID – LOC-AID is the world’s first and largest Location-as-a-Service (LaaS) company. It location-enables any wireless device for any mobile application by providing a single API that assists companies in locating their mobile customers with no application to download. LOC-AID provides a range of location enablement services, including x/y coordinate delivery, geofencing, geocoding, map appends and location. Large enterprises use our APIs for fraud prevention, mobile marketing, authentication, mobile analytics, and customer relationship management in industries like Financial Services, Retail, Asset Tracking, Healthcare, Entertainment, IT Security, Education, eCommerce, Government, Manufacturing and Hospitality. For more information, please visit


Kevin McGinnis, vice president-Product, Sprint

“Our solution enabler partners are a key component to Sprint’s Open Strategy. By giving our solution enabler partners access to multiple APIs, developers can now easily build richer apps and do not have to reach out to each partner separately. Also, through the Sprint Services Framework, developers have a choice to work directly with Sprint or one of our partners to optimize and go to market with their application.”

Mario Proietti, co-founder and CTO of TechnoCom

“We are excited to deliver the benefits of our comprehensive location-smart services to our customers for such important, mission-critical applications.”

One such application that has benefited from TechnoCom Location Platform is VinPoint™ launched by Cross Country, a leading provider of driver and vehicle assistance services in North America. Leveraging Sprint’s Services Framework through TechnoCom Location Platform, Cross Country’s VinPoint is able to further streamline its roadside assistance services with faster and more reliable caller location and messaging.

Cindy Tai, Vice President of Marketing and Products, OpenMarket

“As the industry’s leading mobile transaction hub, OpenMarket is excited to see mobile operators exposing additional value-added services to both developers and merchants. These types of enablers will allow mobile solution providers to deliver more innovative, sophisticated services to consumers.”

Steve Edwards, senior vice president, Carrier Services for Neustar

“The market for mobile services continues to expand as mobile solution providers are becoming more sophisticated. The Neustar Intelligent Cloud is changing that mobile service paradigm by making it possible to access many mobile services across multiple networks through a single connection. Sprint is a leader in 4G and mobile services are a key part to delivering a true 4G experience. By working with the Neustar Intelligent Cloud, Sprint extends the 4G opportunities to the broader mobile ecosystem.”

Rip Gerber, president & CEO of LOC-AID Technologies, Inc.

“Sprint is known for LBS innovation and was the first to integrate LOC-AID APIs for network mobile location. “We've expanded our Sprint partnership and now we can extend the breadth and depth of LBS for mobile enterprise beyond location and geofencing. LOC-AID enables developers with simple, powerful tools, services and support to create and launch location-enabled applications, reducing the difficulty of certifying and on-boarding applications that use GPS, triangulation and other location services while protecting customer privacy.”

Visit the Sprint Developer website for more information:

Sprint Solution Enabler Partners Can Now Serve as a One-Stop Shop for Developers Accessing Multiple ...