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International CTIA Wireless 2011 Blog


Sprint is taking the mobile multimedia experience to a new level with HTC EVO 3D and HTC EVO View 4G™.

These are the 21st and 22nd 4G-capable devices – HTC EVO™ 3D and HTC EVO View 4G™ - to join America’s Favorite 4G Network.1  HTC EVO™ 3D provides the ability to capture and view images and videos in 3D and share at 4G speeds. HTC EVO View 4G introduces a tablet to the award-winning EVO family.

When will they be available?HTC-EVO-3D-angle.jpg

Both devices will be available for Sprint customers this summer. Pricing will be shared closer to launch. Customers can visit or to pre-register.

What can consumers do with 3D power of HTC EVO 3D?

The HTC EVO 3D’s dynamic ability to capture and playback video in 3D offer countless ways to benefit from this technology. Here are a few examples:

•          Real estate agents can create and share 3D virtual tours of homes that let out-of-town buyers “walk through” the house and truly experience the listings before they can see them live;

•          Dad can feel like he is in the bleachers watching the ball leave the park for a homerun even if he’s forced to skip a Little League game while stuck at the office;

•          3D mapping of terrain will help build new and exciting features for navigation.  Hikers will be able to get aerial views of the topography of rivers and mountains while in the backcountry.

•          Families can “relive” the excitement of their vacation and feel like they are there again. With, 4G speeds, and the latest version of the acclaimed HTC Sense experience, HTC EVO 3D makes it possible to become part of the action and then easily and seamlessly post high-quality video to YouTube™ or Facebook, or share moments in real time over the Internet via Qik.

Specifications and key features of HTC EVO 3D

Built with Android™ 2.3 Gingerbread, HTC EVO 3D features America’s first QHD 3D 4.3-inch display and a powerful 1.2GHz Qualcomm® Snapdragon® dual-core processor. It also features dual 5MP cameras, which can be used to capture both high-quality conventional and stunning 3D images and videos, opening up new frontiers for user-generated content, social networking and streaming video.

•          1.3 MP front-facing camera for video chat

•          3G/4G Mobile Hotspot capability, supporting up to eight Wi-Fi enabled devices simultaneously

•          Android Market™ for access to more than 150,000 useful applications, widgets and games available for download to customize the experience

•          Google mobile services such as Google Search™, Gmail™, Google Maps™ with Navigation, Google Calendar, Voice Actions, and YouTube™

•          Sprint’s unique implementation of Google Voice, allowing customers to keep their Sprint number and seamlessly move to Google Voice

•          Corporate e-mail (Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync®), personal (POP and IMAP) e-mail and instant messaging

•          4GB Internal memory/1GB RAM, microSD slot (supports up to 32GB memory card)

•          Wi-Fi – 802.11 b/g/n, Stereo Bluetooth® , Integrated GPS

•          integrated DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) capability

•          HDMI cable (sold separately) port

•          1730 mAh Lithium-ion battery

Blockbuster On Demand®

HTC EVO 3D will be the first 3D handset pre-loaded with the Blockbuster On Demand® mobile application that offers access to one of the largest catalogs of movies, including 3D titles.

Blockbuster On Demand offers the hottest new releases on the same day they become available on Blu-ray and DVD.

Rentals range from $1.99 to $3.99 each, and purchases are $5.99 and up. Rentals will be available for viewing on one screen within 30 days of rental, with a 24-hour viewing period once the title is first played.

Bringing the EVO Experience to a Tablet

HTC EVO View 4G will bring the best of the EVO experience into a tablet design.

Sprint and HTC’s first 3G/4G Android tablet offers:

•          A 7-inch 1024 x 600 touchscreen display with pinch-to-zoom

•          A 1.5GHz Qualcomm® Snapdragon® processor

•          The latest version of HTC Sense.

Possible uses:

As the perfect combination e-reader, media player and portable computing device, HTC EVO View 4G offers a premium entertainment experience with HD-quality video and a rich Web-browsing experience with the ability to browse the Web on Flash-enabled sites.

With dual cameras – a main 5 megapixel auto-focus camera with HD-capable video camcorder and a forward-facing 1.3 megapixel camera – HTC EVO View 4G unleashes the ability to create, stream over the lightning-fast 4G network, share via YouTube™ or Facebook® and watch video with the Qik mobile app.

With lightning-fast 4G connectivity and a large touchscreen display, HTC EVO View 4G makes it even easier to manage e-mail, and its front-facing camera makes the Qik video chat application an easy and appealing way to conduct business while on-the-go.

Using HTC Scribe Technology™, HTC EVO View 4G will offer a new way to interact with a tablet with the HTC Scribe™ digital pen (sold separately). When combined with Evernote™, a leading notes application and service, the user will have the ability to capture and make notes on Web pages, ebooks, PDF documents and more, in an easy and natural way.

Additional key features of HTC EVO View 4G include:

•          3G/4G Mobile Hotspot capability, supporting up to eight Wi-Fi enabled devices simultaneously

•          Google mobile services such as Google Search, Gmail, Google Maps with Navigation, Voice Actions, and YouTube

•          Corporate e-mail (Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync), personal (POP and IMAP) e-mail and instant messaging

•          Android Market™ for access to more than 150,000 useful applications, widgets and games available for download to customize the experience

•          Blockbuster On Demand® to rent or purchase the hottest new releases on the same day they become available on Blu-ray and DVD

•          32GB internal memory, 1GB RAM, microSD slot (supports up to 32GB memory card)

•          Wi-Fi b/g/n, Bluetooth 3.0, Integrated GPS

•          4000 mAh Lithium-ion battery

Note: Device features, specifications, services and applications are subject to change.


More information:

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Fact sheets

HTC EVO VIEW fact sheet

HTC EVO 3D fact sheet

1 Based on number of Sprint 4G subscribers vs. those on other wireless 4G (WiMAX and LTE) networks in the United States.


In honor of next month’s spotlight on distracted driving awareness, Sprint CEO Dan Hesse announced to attendees at CTIA, that it will offer Sprint® Drive FirstTM later this year – the wireless carrier’s first safe-driving solution to help wireless consumers safely manage their mobile devices and focus on driving while they’re behind the wheel.

Created by Location Labs, Drive First will be available in the third quarter of 2011 on AndroidTM mobile phones for Sprint customers and will require a $2-per-month charge (excluding surcharges and taxes) for each device that utilizes its features.

The solution is designed to do the following when driving is detected:

  • Lock the driver’s cell phone screen and redirect calls to voice mail.
  • Block text-message alerts and auto-respond to the message sender that the driver is currently unavailable.
  • Allow access to three key contacts and three mobile applications, such as GPS navigation.
  • Give parents and business administrators Web portal access to configure Drive First for their teens’ or employees’ mobile devices.

Attendees at the International CTIA WIRELESS 2011 Show can demo Sprint Drive First and other Sprint distracted driving solutions at the “Sprint Innovation Station” in the exhibitor hall.

Executive Quotes:

Dan Hesse, CEO Sprint - “As a parent, I am proud that Sprint is offering distracted driving solutions like Sprint Drive First, which effectively helps wireless customers manage their usage, stay safe behind the wheel and focus their attention on driving. As mobile data usage continues to grow in popularity, Sprint wants to ensure its wireless consumers engage in safe behavior for themselves and others.”

Tasso Roumeliotis, CEO Location Labs - “Location Labs continues to develop best-of-breed personal and family safety services that unlock the power of smart devices for users of all ages. We are thrilled to partner with Sprint, which is once again showing a real commitment to family and personal safety by offering Drive First to Sprint customers.”

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9:00am Central - Group discussion including Dan Hesse going on right now.


Sprint is boosting its machine-to-machine (M2M) portfolio with new innovative collaborations, announced at CTIA, which bring even more specialized capabilities to our already hefty lineup of M2M offerings in connected transportation, fixed and portable solutions, SmartGrid/utilities and healthcare.

M2M business is exploding. Research firm Analysis Mason recently projected the number of M2M devices to increase from 62 million worldwide in 2010 to 2.1 billion in 2020.

Executive Quotes

Danny Bowman, president-Sprint Integrated Solutions Group -- “M2M is already demonstrating potent, transformative value for businesses across many industry sectors. Sprint uses its unique combination of network assets to help companies of all sizes seize on M2M opportunities. Through our Open-Network-Execution approach, we can serve customers as their primary M2M partner. Our value proposition is built on streamlining the process of deploying M2M solutions, while enabling customers to tap into our extensive M2M ecosystem, where they can choose from a broad selection of applications and expertise to support their specific objectives.”

Wayne Ward, vice president-Sprint Emerging Solutions Group -- “These partners bring distinct enhancements to our M2M solutions set, which translates into even more finely tuned options for customers. Sprint M2M customers can draw on the specialized expertise of a wide range of M2M solutions partners, with Sprint simplifying the development and implementation process through our Open-Network-Execution approach.”

Partnerships announced include:

Connected Transportation

  • Feeney Wireless is adding two enhancements to its Sprint partnership. The first is a new line of connectivity devices for M2M apps under the brand name Skyus. The Skyus platform accelerates time-to-market for developing connected devices and simplifies integration. Built to work specifically with our broadband data networks, the Skyus product line of rugged, low-cost devices are designed for embedded systems. The partnership also focuses on delivering advanced mobile and M2M solutions to the marketplace through product innovation, speed-to-market, and rapid commercialization of new products within the rapidly growing M2M and embedded solutions market.
  • Trimble is introducing its Trimble DriverSafety solution on our network to give companies insight into risky driving and comprehensive fleet tracking and fuel management in an integrated platform. Managers can evaluate driver risks and skills, minimize fleet operating costs, improve productivity and promote safety.

Fixed and Portable Solutions

  • Macheen has partnered with Sprint to assist consumer electronics manufacturers and retailers to deliver simple, “no-contract” options for consumers to connect their devices to the Internet; meaning M2M enabled e-Readers, tablets, laptops, and gaming devices ship ‘hot’ already connected to the Internet via the Sprint Nationwide Network.
  • Omnilink will provide businesses with 24/7 wireless monitoring of assets through the Omnilink Asset Locator tracking service, which offers a unique, packaged security solution for tracking against theft – including bank bags, ATMs, computers, data storage devices and vehicles.
  • Popstar Networks will deliver Popstar Wireless Broadband for extensive digital signage networks. Using our broadband data connectivity, the solution lets businesses deliver rich media content for interactive and passive digital displays.
  • RedDotNet and Sprint will offer a wireless self-service kiosk solution unlike any other. Its contemporary form and tightly knit peripherals make it one of the most powerful, versatile and compact kiosks available.
  • Wireless Ronin Technologies and Sprint will deliver comprehensive, fully-hosted digital signage solution. The product will boost Wireless Ronin Technologies’ extensive digital signage market presence with their RoninCast software platform and 24/7/365 Network Operations Center, and Sprint’s broadband data connectivity capability.

SmartGrid and Utilities

  • Grid Sentry LLC will provide the Grid Sentry GS-200 Line Sentry on our broadband network. The device allows utilities to improve the efficiency of the distribution grid. By providing detailed information about the transmission grid, utility operators get the information to make real-time decisions, all from a device that can be installed in minutes.
  • With SmartLabs INSTEON technology and Sprint network infrastructure, business and home owners can access and control energy consumption from a simple web portal or a Sprint smartphone.


  • BodyMedia and Sprint are expanding BodyMedia’s product portfolio, with Sprint connectivity and location-based services to power a new line of embedded wireless BodyMedia FIT Armbands and future wearable body monitors, set to launch in 2012. Body Media devices track an individual’s calorie burn, activity levels and sleep to help consumers tailor their habits to lead healthier lives. The connected Armband will use Sprint M2M to wirelessly send health and fitness data to the users’ smartphones, where the mobile application can provide near real-time feedback and analysis.

  • IDEAL LIFE Inc. and Sprint are expanding IDEAL LIFE’s portfolio to include embedded wireless devices. The companies will develop, certify and co-market a version of the IDEAL LIFE hub. IDEAL LIFE’s entire system will work wirelessly, using Sprint’s M2M platform and Nationwide Sprint Network to transmit medical data to healthcare providers.

Other resources

Learn more at

Check out the “What if …” M2M video.

Podcast -- Wayne Ward discusses the future of M2M and Sprint's leadership position in the industry.


Sprint announces new solution enabler partners: LOC-AID, Neustar, OpenMarket and TechnoCom

Sprint announced four new partners with expanded capabilities that make it even easier for developers to create innovative applications and wireless solutions for both the consumer and enterprise customers. The new solution enabler partners – LOC-AID, Neustar, OpenMarket and TechnoCom -- will now have direct access to all of Sprint’s application programming interfaces (APIs).  A first among carriers, this direct access will enable approved developers to access location, messaging, presence, geofencing, payments and additional APIs through one partner platform. In addition, this will simplify and accelerate the certification and on-boarding process for applications and solutions.

Sprint Services Framework:

At the tenth annual Sprint Developer Conference last fall, Sprint introduced the Sprint Services Framework, which provides a single Web 2.0 interface for developers to access APIs directly from Sprint. Through the Sprint Services Framework, developers have seamless capabilities across most Sprint devices including mobile handsets and embedded devices, operating systems and development environments including web pages and applications. Sprint is building on that today with the introduction of solution enablers who also may provide this access for developers across a range of APIs.

Sprint Solution Enablers:

TechnoCom Corporation - A leading provider of enterprise location solutions is expanding its capabilities to deliver location-based and messaging services to businesses. Using the open network services provided by Sprint Services Framework, TechnoCom Location Platform™ enables caller location determination and mobile messaging to foster development of new, location-aware applications for Sprint and Nextel subscribers. Designed to deliver operational efficiencies and ubiquitous access for mobile and landline user location and messaging, TechnoCom Location Platform provides enterprises with the most comprehensive turn-key, cross-carrier, cross-device Web services platform for new revenue-generating applications. For more information, please visit:

OpenMarket – OpenMarket, a division of Amdocs, is a leading global mobile transaction hub. OpenMarket provides a comprehensive set of payments, messaging and value-added services to developers in a cross-channel, cross-platform environment. OpenMarket works with strategic mobile operator partners like Sprint to continuously expose high-value enablers to application developers, thus driving innovation in the mobile ecosystem and facilitating valuable services to mobile consumers. OpenMarket allows developers to build innovative applications and monetize them by leveraging enablers such as payments, location and messaging capabilities via the highly scalable and available OpenMarket platform. For more information, please visit

Neustar (NYSE: NSR) - a leader in providing carriers and enterprises with solutions for sending calls, messages, and content across networks worldwide, is partnering with Sprint through its Neustar Intelligent Cloud solution. The Neustar Intelligent Cloud provides solution providers, content companies and enterprises the right tools for creating and delivering smarter, scalable mobile applications and services across multiple operator networks. The newly launched solution combines Neustar’s own mobile discovery and information services with messaging, location and presence services accessed through Sprint’s Services Framework. This partnership results in the ability to create streamlined mobile services and better mobile experiences for Sprint subscribers. For more information, visit   

LOC-AID – LOC-AID is the world’s first and largest Location-as-a-Service (LaaS) company. It location-enables any wireless device for any mobile application by providing a single API that assists companies in locating their mobile customers with no application to download. LOC-AID provides a range of location enablement services, including x/y coordinate delivery, geofencing, geocoding, map appends and location. Large enterprises use our APIs for fraud prevention, mobile marketing, authentication, mobile analytics, and customer relationship management in industries like Financial Services, Retail, Asset Tracking, Healthcare, Entertainment, IT Security, Education, eCommerce, Government, Manufacturing and Hospitality. For more information, please visit


Kevin McGinnis, vice president-Product, Sprint

“Our solution enabler partners are a key component to Sprint’s Open Strategy. By giving our solution enabler partners access to multiple APIs, developers can now easily build richer apps and do not have to reach out to each partner separately. Also, through the Sprint Services Framework, developers have a choice to work directly with Sprint or one of our partners to optimize and go to market with their application.”

Mario Proietti, co-founder and CTO of TechnoCom

“We are excited to deliver the benefits of our comprehensive location-smart services to our customers for such important, mission-critical applications.”

One such application that has benefited from TechnoCom Location Platform is VinPoint™ launched by Cross Country, a leading provider of driver and vehicle assistance services in North America. Leveraging Sprint’s Services Framework through TechnoCom Location Platform, Cross Country’s VinPoint is able to further streamline its roadside assistance services with faster and more reliable caller location and messaging.

Cindy Tai, Vice President of Marketing and Products, OpenMarket

“As the industry’s leading mobile transaction hub, OpenMarket is excited to see mobile operators exposing additional value-added services to both developers and merchants. These types of enablers will allow mobile solution providers to deliver more innovative, sophisticated services to consumers.”

Steve Edwards, senior vice president, Carrier Services for Neustar

“The market for mobile services continues to expand as mobile solution providers are becoming more sophisticated. The Neustar Intelligent Cloud is changing that mobile service paradigm by making it possible to access many mobile services across multiple networks through a single connection. Sprint is a leader in 4G and mobile services are a key part to delivering a true 4G experience. By working with the Neustar Intelligent Cloud, Sprint extends the 4G opportunities to the broader mobile ecosystem.”

Rip Gerber, president & CEO of LOC-AID Technologies, Inc.

“Sprint is known for LBS innovation and was the first to integrate LOC-AID APIs for network mobile location. “We've expanded our Sprint partnership and now we can extend the breadth and depth of LBS for mobile enterprise beyond location and geofencing. LOC-AID enables developers with simple, powerful tools, services and support to create and launch location-enabled applications, reducing the difficulty of certifying and on-boarding applications that use GPS, triangulation and other location services while protecting customer privacy.”

Visit the Sprint Developer website for more information:

Sprint Solution Enabler Partners Can Now Serve as a One-Stop Shop for Developers Accessing Multiple ...


Sprint extends its 4G device innovation lead once again with the upcoming availability of the 20th 4G device and fourth 4G phone, Nexus S™ 4G1 from Google™.  Coming to Sprint this spring, it will also be able to take advantage of the unprecedented controls and services enabled by Google Voice™ integration built into the Sprint Network.

Manufactured by Samsung Telecommunications America (Samsung Mobile), Nexus S 4G comes packed with a pure Google experience using Android™ 2.3, Gingerbread, the fastest version of Android available for smartphones.

Sprint Nexus S 4G customers will be among the first to receive Android software upgrades and new Google mobile apps. In many cases, the device will get the updates and new apps as soon as they are available.

It is powered by a 1GHz Samsung application processor that produces rich 3D-like graphics, faster upload and download times and supports HD-like multimedia content along with a dedicated Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) to make playing mobile games, browsing the Web and watching videos a fast, fluid and smooth experience.

It is designed with Samsung’s brilliant Super AMOLED™ touchscreen technology providing a premium viewing experience.  The 4-inch Contour Display features a curved design for a more comfortable look and feel in the user’s hand or along the side of the face. It also offers a screen that is bright with higher color contrast, meaning colors are incredibly vibrant and text is crisp at any size and produces less glare than on other smartphone displays when outdoors, so videos, pictures and games look their best and the sun won't wash them out.

Nexus S 4G features a 5 megapixel rear-facing camera and camcorder and front-facing VGA camera.  In addition, Nexus S 4G features a gyroscope sensor to provide a smooth, fluid gaming experience when the user tilts the device up or down or pans the phone to the left or right.

Additional key features include:

  • 3G/4G Mobile Hotspot capability, supporting up to six Wi-Fi enabled devices simultaneously
  • Android Market™ for access to more than 150,000 applications, widgets and games available for download to customize the experience
  • Google mobile services such as Google Search™, Gmail™, Google Maps™ with Navigation, syncing with Google Calendar™, Voice Actions and YouTube™
  • Corporate email (Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync®), personal (POP & IMAP) email and instant messaging
  • Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, which allows the device to read information from everyday objects, like stickers and posters embedded with NFC chips
  • 16GB Internal Memory (ROM)/512MB (RAM)
  • Wi-Fi® – 802.11 b/g/n
  • Bluetooth® 2.1 + EDR
  • Integrated GPS
  • 1500 mAh Lithium-ion battery

Nexus S 4G from Google will be available exclusively from Sprint this spring for $199.99 with a new two-year service agreement or eligible upgrade (taxes not included) in all Sprint retail channels, including the Web ( and Telesales (1-800-SPRINT1), as well as select national retailers.

Nexus S 4G requires activation on one of Sprint’s Everything Data plans, plus a required $10 Premium Data add-on charge for smartphones. Sprint’s Everything Data plan with Any Mobile, AnytimeSM includes unlimited Web, texting and calling to and from any mobile in America while on the Sprint Network, starting at just $69.99 per month plus required $10 Premium Data add-on charge – a savings of $39.99 per month versus Verizon’s comparable plan with unlimited talk, text and Web (excluding Verizon’s Southern California plan; pricing excludes surcharges and taxes).


14G used in connection with the Samsung Nexus S product name refers to the fact that the Nexus S is capable of operating on the Sprint 4G (WiMAX) Network.


Sprint and Google announced today a new integrated Google Voice™ experience that will allow Sprint customers to set their existing Sprint wireless phone number as their Google Voice number.

That means Sprint customers will be able to take advantage of all the features and benefits of Google Voice without the hassle and fees associated with porting their number.

Sprint is the first and only carrier to offer this capability, which will be available soon on all Sprint CDMA phones, including the upcoming Nexus S 4G smartphone, announced today by Sprint and Google.

Manage Multiple Devices with Google Voice

Google Voice lets users manage up to six different devices through one phone number. Sprint customers will be able to use their Sprint number across their office, home and wireless phones, and personalize settings so calls from friends ring their wireless device and home phone, while calls from the boss only ring at the office. Users can get transcribed voicemails and read or listen to them online, and read, send and search text messages and call logs online at

Sprint is the only carrier that allows customers to assign their existing mobile phone number as their Google Voice number without porting, avoiding porting charges, potential service disruptions and the hassle of calling their carrier to terminate and port their number to Google Voice and then re-subscribe with another number. Sprint’s integration with Google simplifies and shortens the process of moving a phone number to Google Voice to mere minutes.

Integrated Google Voice Experience from Sprint

One number for all your devices

Work, home, mobile; no need to change   numbers after a move or new job

Route phone calls and text messages

Send work calls to the office,   personal to home or mobile

Conditional call presentation

Hear caller info before answering or   send straight to voicemail

In-call options

Record calls, switch phones during a   call, conference calling

Manage it all online

Manage call history, texts and   voicemail; listen to voicemail and read transcribed messages; view threaded   text messaging history and continue the conversation online

Keep your existing wireless phone number without porting

Only with Sprint

Google Voice Image for social .PNG


“As part of our partnership with Google, our customers will appreciate having the easiest set-up experience of any wireless carrier for Google Voice across all of our CDMA phones, using their existing Sprint phone number” said Kevin McGinnis, vice president – Product and Technology Development, Sprint. “It’s now easier than ever to truly live a mobile lifestyle with the ability to manage multiple devices through intelligent call routing and online controls using just one phone number – your existing Sprint number.”

"With this integration, we have made Google Voice simple to use with a Sprint phone," said Dave Girouard, president at Google. "Sprint subscribers now have access to all the benefits of Google Voice behind their existing mobile number without the need for porting or if they already have a Google Voice number, they can display that number from their Sprint phone without the need for a separate application."

How to Get It

Customers can sign up to be notified when the integrated Google Voice experience for Sprint phones is available at

With a few simple steps, any Sprint CDMA phone will be able to use Google Voice to simplify the customer’s wireless experience:

1.          Customers can simply go to  and sign-up for the integrated service from Sprint. 

2.          Google will then confirm the customer would like to use their existing Sprint number as their Google Voice number. 

3.          Customers do not need to notify Sprint that they plan to use Google Voice. A notification is automatically sent to Sprint to provision the necessary services on the network required for the Google Voice integrated services. 

4.          Within minutes, all of the customer’s phone calls, text messages and voicemail run through Google Voice, and all inbound and outbound calls show up with the customer’s existing Sprint number with all of the benefits of Google Voice.

For more information on Sprint’s Google Voice integration, watch the video and visit

More information:

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Sprint ID ESPN_Epic.JPG

Sprint today announced that its award-winning Samsung Epic™ 4G* and Samsung Galaxy Tab™ will be Sprint ID-enabled, beginning March 21, allowing customers who own these devices to download a complete mobile experience, called an “ID pack” – including apps, widgets, ringtones, wallpapers, shortcuts and more – tailored to their specific interests, business needs or favorite brands in a single download.

Details About the Software Update:

All existing Samsung Epic 4G and Samsung Galaxy Tab owners will be prompted this week to accept the over-the-air software update for Sprint ID and Froyo™ in their device’s notification tab. Once the update is installed, the user can find the Sprint ID icon in their Applications Menu and begin experiencing Sprint ID. All users should have access to this new software update by March 24.

The software update for Samsung Epic 4G will also include the Android 2.2 (Froyo) operating system update.  This update will add numerous capabilities, including Adobe Flash Player 10.1, Bluetooth dialing and allows app installation to external storage.

New Customer Experience:

Customers who purchase a new Samsung Epic 4G or Samsung Galaxy Tab can access Sprint ID from their Applications Menu when they turn it on for the first time.

Sprint ID Background:

Sprint ID launched in October 2010 on three devices – LG Optimus S™, Sanyo Zio™ and Samsung Transform™ – with 16 consumer lifestyle ID packs targeting specific interests including Home Base, Health & Fitness, Fashion & Beauty, Socially Connected, Business Pro, Golf Enthusiast, Auto Enthusiast, The Big Apple and Entertainment, as well as branded ID packs from Yahoo!, WHERE and Lo2Yo by LatCel. Since launch, brands that have deployed Sprint ID packs include MTVESPN and HSN. Select ID packs will be available for download onto Samsung Galaxy Tab and Samsung Epic 4G.

Customers with Sprint ID-capable devices can download up to five ID packs onto their phone and easily switch back and forth between them or swap them out for new ones. Sprint customers currently are downloading an average of two ID packs per device. Sprint ID packs are free to download with an Everything Data plan.

Sprint ID Tab.JPG

Since Sprint ID launched, the most popular Sprint ID packs include: 

•          Entertainment:  Features games, music, photo and celebrity news apps to keep users entertained no matter where they go. Apps include Shazam (identify any song), WikiMobile (mobile encyclopedia) and Poynt (local search app that lets users connect with businesses, restaurants and people near them).

•          Yahoo!:  Gives users access to their favorite Yahoo! services in one simple download including Yahoo! Finance, Mail, News, Sports, Messenger, Fantasy Football and Flickr. 

•          MTV Music ID:  MTV Music ID allows fans to quickly download a package of apps, widgets and other content, including MTV News, MTV Photos, MTV Twitter and streaming music apps.  

•          Socially Connected:  Delivers a customized experience for keeping users connected with friends while on the go. Features Facebook, TweetCaster and more, creating the ultimate starting point for their own multi-tasking, socially connected mobile package.

•          ESPN ID:  Instant access to scores right on the device’s home screen, as well as one-tap access to sports news, fantasy teams and the user’s favorite ESPN programs, including more than 900 live events per year on ESPN Mobile TV.

•          WHERE:  Enables people to discover the world around them by recommending local information, places and events; also helps people save money by providing location based coupons and cheapest gas stations. Allows users to find everything from weather, news and restaurant reviews to the closest coffee shop, traffic updates, movie show times and offers from local merchants.

•          Fashion & Beauty:  Delivers a customized experience for keeping users connected and up-to-date on the latest fashion trends, celebrity gossip, beauty and style. Apps include TrendTracker (keep track of the latest runway looks, fashion news, trend ideas); TMZ & E! Online (breaking celeb news); and ShopSavvy (scan the barcode of any product and it will search for all the best prices from local and online retailers).

•          Health & Fitness: Healthy eating on the go is made easier with the Health & Fitness ID Pack. Apps include Fast Food Calorie Counter; Cardio Trainer (training partner for running, cycling, hiking, and other fitness activities); Yoga Trainer Lite; and iTriage (find closest health care providers and more).

•          Home Base:  A great solution for those running a modern household. Apps include Big Oven (featuring 170,000+ recipes); E! Online (get celebrity gossip fix); Pandora (listen to your favorite tunes wherever you are); Grocery Smart (create shopping lists); and Springpad (save notes, tasks or lists).

•          Lo2yo Latino:   Lo2Yo Latino ID brings users the best of their Latino world from news and entertainment to sports, soap operas and much more, all in Spanish.

Customer Support:

Customers can learn more about how to use Sprint ID on their device by visiting or

Additional Information:

For more information about Sprint ID and to see all Sprint ID packs, visit

Samsung Epic 4G and Samsung Galaxy Tab Now Sprint ID-Enabled, Bringing Unique Mobile Experience to 4...


Sprint (NYSE: S) today announced plans to expand its gold-standard push-to-talk leadership, unveiling fourth-quarter launch plans for next-generation push-to-talk capabilities powered by Sprint’s broadband CDMA network.

Key Points:

Capacity and Applications - Sprint Direct Connect service is being built to deliver higher bandwidth capacity to keep up with customers’ demand for data. Sprint also is working to deliver enhanced applications on Sprint Direct Connect, best-ever in-building coverage and is planning to provide triple the square-mile reach of Sprint’s current push-to-talk service.

Devices - Sprint Direct Connect will launch with an initial portfolio of rugged devices from Motorola Mobility and Kyocera. The planned portfolio will include an ultra-rugged camera flip phone and an Android™ Smartphone with a touch screen and a QWERTY keyboard. In 2012, Sprint expects to expand its push-to-talk portfolio, adding more devices with new form factors and features.

Push-to-talk Coverage and In-Building Use

  • Push-to-talk coverage footprint is planned to increase to nearly 2.7 million square miles and is expected to cover a population of 309 million (with the addition of 1xrtt and roaming coverage) – an increase from the iDEN network’s 908,370 square miles covering a population 278 million.
  • In-building coverage is expected to improve significantly through investment in the most advanced CDMA technology and radio equipment.
  • Voice and data capacity is expected to increase significantly as Sprint will be able to fully leverage its industry leading spectrum holdings in 800 MHz, 1.9 GHz, and – through its partnership with Clearwire – 2.5 GHz.

Sprint Direct Connect and Network Vision

Sprint Direct Connect service is a tangible benefit of Network Vision, Sprint’s blueprint to deploy a cost-effective and innovative network. Announced in December, Network Vision is expected to consolidate multiple network technologies into one seamless network resulting in enhanced coverage, quality and speed; better network flexibility; reduced operating costs; and improved environmental sustainability. The plan includes a complete upgrade of Sprint’s current wireless networks accompanied by changes in device chipsets and network infrastructure.

For more details about Network Vision, visit the Network Vision Information Center.

With Sprint Direct Connect, Sprint expects:

  • More push-to-talk enabled devices including handsets, rugged devices, and PDAs that combine industry leading push-to-talk and mobile broadband data services over a larger coverage area.
  • Enhanced features for push-to-talk users on the new CDMA platform.
  • Interoperability with all existing Sprint push-to-talk devices.

During the nationwide implementation of Network Vision, Sprint expects to continue operating the iDEN network at current best-ever performance levels. As the customer base shifts to more broadband-centric push-to-talk applications on the CDMA network and Sprint launches Sprint Direct Connect, iDEN cell sites are expected to be phased out in 2013.

Sprint plans to identify customers who require custom push-to-talk solutions and assist with their migration to the CDMA network. The company also plans to engage partners in developing a robust portfolio of push-to-talk accessories and involve developers in the creation of new applications through its Sprint Gets Rugged application developers program. The program will provide information, support and tools needed to port developers’ applications to Sprint Direct Connect devices. More information on the Sprint Gets Rugged application developers program can be found at Sprint will hold a conference on March 22 at the International CTIA WIRELESS® meeting in Orlando for developers who are interested.

Executive Quotes

“Our customers are asking for broadband push-to-talk now,” said Paget Alves, president-Sprint Business. “We’ve seen steadily increasing demand for faster data speeds, better and broader coverage, and more applications on push-to-talk devices. Sprint Direct Connect is designed to solve for all three, and is expected to come with sub-second push-to-talk call set-up time initially in Sprint CDMA RevA coverage areas. Sub-second call set up is expected to expand across the U.S. with the implementation of Network Vision.”

Alves added, “We believe the new push-to-talk service powered by a broadband network and featuring competitively priced rugged handsets and smart phones will represent an unmatched offering in the market.”

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