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LG started this year with a huge bang. They were already basking in the large screen goodness of the V20 from last year. Then they come out and launch the G6, successor to the G5. LG came out swinging with this device because its a start to a new era. 




This is the year of the large screen to body ratios. LG started this trend with the G6 having a whopping 80% screen to body ratio and almost non-existent bezel. In the above image, you see the G6 vs the V20. They both sport a 5.7" screen but the G6 is quite a bit smaller and thinner.


That in itself is an amazing feat. How much LG was able to squeeze the bezel down and yet make it water resistant.   


The quality and screen resolution is second to none but that's for another blog.


Until Next Time

-- Your Product Ambassador Team

  • LG G6
  • Sprint Product Ambassador

Sprint, just like most carriers in the world, try to cater to all of their customers. That said, Sprint chose to work with Alcaltel, an up and coming cell phone manufacturer, to build the latest feature phone.


Feature phones are usually not much to write home about, but this guy is the exception, not the rule. The Alcatel Go Flip is the first feature phone (or flip phone) with high speed LTE and a smartphone like OS albeit limited in its capability in this device. So why would all that matter?Alcatel-Go-Flip




So before we get into all of the cool details, lets cover our standard basis:

The Go flip looks like a standard flip phone or clamshell from back in the day with a 2.3" color screen on the inside and weighing barely above 4 oz. It has a battery life that can sustain a few days, not a few hours and can handle standard tasks like calls, txt (albeit using T9), email and web browsing like a champ. Its a perfect phone for your kids, the elderly (with big easy to read buttons) and those techies who just want to disconnect with their digital world but still have something for emergencies.


The camera is pretty basic but can easily capture the important things like quick kids photos or receipts.


So now to make it interesting, this device has LTE and WiFi for you to browse internet at high speeds. The browser also supports YouTube videos so if you really need to watch a video on a 2.3" screen, now you can.


The main reason why this device has LTE in it, is basically to make it future proof. So stay tuned to find out whe new features it will have in the future.


Until Next Time

-- Your Product Ambassador Team

  • Sprint Product Ambassador - Alcatel Go Flip