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3/8 - Kyocera DuraMax Software Update - 1.007sp


3/8 - Kyocera DuraMax Software Update - 1.007sp

Kyocera DuraMax Software Update - 1.007sp


- Security fix

- Roaming Guard changes

- Sprint Direct connect enhancements

- Support for up to 200 members on TeamDC

- One Touch Direct Connect settings

- Intermittent missed voice calls

- Enabling Commerical Mobile Alert System (CMAS)

Important Notes:

- Software version is 1.007sp

- May be released in stages with 100% of devices having received the update within a few days 

- Refer to the Kyocera Duramax Software Update blog for install instructions


What was enhanced with Sprint Direct Connect? When will the phone's be updated to support Sprint Direct Connect over 1X roaming like promised?


1. This software was not pushed/forced out to our fleet of phones. Therefore its ineffective. We have approximately 80 duramax phones.

2. The phones that were manually updated showed no improvement with Sprint Direct connect. No improvement with missed called. Not much improvement overall, other than a false expectation that the phone is going to somehow work better by the users.

In addition to this, the delay of the 1X coverage release is only hurting this phone and the Sprint Direct connect reputation.

I guess there was a reason why Motorola didn't want to make a phone for the Sprint Direct connect Network Vision. Kyocera certainly didn't live up to the expectations that Motorola left behind.


How much longer will it be until people calling me can recieve voice on phone? Sprint told me in 2010 that in 22 months everything would be operating . I am in a good area on their map.

and hve trouble picking up signal and calls. I dont think it will be fixed.


Just got this phone today.  Had been pushed for months to upgrade to the indestructable, 10 times better than I680, Kyocera Duramax.

In less tha 30 minutes we knew that this phone fell horribly short of previous Motorola phones, especially the I680. Now 5 hours into owning it we realize just how dissappointing it is.

Audio is too crisp and borderlines on scratchy. DC calls are lost lid key.

DC key seems to hang up and freeze.  Signal strength and network strength are horrible.

Very disappointed and feeling very deceived by Sprint and the local wireless store that services our company.


I agree with you 100% we had motorola nextel and were told we had to switch because sprint was taking over, What a Joke! these Kyocera phones are junk I am going to walk away from the forced 2 year contract and let them try and collect thru the court system. HA!

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