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Echo keeps restarting itself


Echo keeps restarting itself

I'd like to chime in myself, my Echo will restart itself at least twice daily, and usually while I'm not touching it and haven't touched it for quite some time. My device does not shut down completely, just cycles through it's restart process.

I have the software version 2.002SP, and the Android version 2.3.4.

I changed a setting as I type this, to stop automatically updating apps, on the off chance that perhaps it was restarting itself after installing an update. We'll see if that changes anything.

Aside from this issue, I am overall quite pleased with the Echo, and sad to see it on the EOL list so soon.


Echo keeps restarting itself

I have had my echo for about 6 months.. and it still restarts to this  day. Had the repair shop update, factory restart and everything else  they could do to fix it... still nothing. Didnt replace it since  everyone elese replacements seem to do the same thing. Last night I  checked for an update.. there was on so I updated my phone like an  idoit. It took over 12 hours for it to finish. Now I can not reply to  any of my texts. The touch screen is working fine. I can make calls. It  seems to just be both input methods, the swype and the android keyboard. Might anyone have a solution, or know how i can reinstall the older version?

Model number     m9300

software ver     2.002sp

hardware     0103

prl ver     1123

android ver     2.3.4

baseband ver     2.002

kernel ver

build number     gingerbread    


Re: Echo keeps restarting itself

Random restarts may sometimes be because of low internal memory. You can double check your internal memory by going to the Home screen -> Menu button -> Settings -> Storage. Check there if it is really low you may want to shut off memory hog apps or get an app which helps you stop this type of apps hogging precious memory space. You can tell which apps are currently running by going to Menu - > Manage Apps -> Running tab, then select a specific app and click "Stop".

Be careful to only shutdown applications you have downloaded, and not operating system processes. I am not responsible if you crash the wrong application, always double check that it is an okay app to stop.


Re: Echo keeps restarting itself

"Officially," Sprint will not recommend using task killers or stopping apps from running.  From a nuisance stand point and based on the particular apps design, you may have to repeatedly stop the app from running, or you may inadvertantly stop the wrong app causing further complications.  Android 2.2 and later really addressed this problem more effeciently than previous OS's so there is no need to stop apps from running. 

For a low memory situation on an Android, the only real fix is to uninstall apps.  Many entry-level Androids didn't have more than a half a Gig of internal memory alloted for applications and most have less than this.  Many users are simply adding more apps than the phone was designed for.  


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