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Error 8506

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Error 8506

My Kyocera Echo keeps telling me that there is a firmware update available, but when I try to install the update it keeps giving me an error message. Then it restarts and tells me the update failed to install. The phone says it is "error 8506". Any suggestions on what I can do?


Re: Error 8506

Menu>settings>aboutphone> software version

If you do not have the correct version you may want to back up the device and do a factory reset and retry the update


Re: Error 8506

I'm having the same problem.  I'm still stuck on Software Version 1.001SP and Android version 2.2.1. 

The over-the-air updates have consistently failed for me.  I have done a factory reset, to no avail.

I am currently on my 2nd Echo (got the newest one yesterday), and still have the same problem.  "Factory-fresh", and the update still fails with Error 8506. 

I've taken it to a couple of Sprint (non-corporate) stores, and they haven't been able to help (other than to suggest I go for Echo #3...).

Is there any way I could push a firmware/software update over USB?

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