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Hands On with the Kyocera Echo and David Owens

Sprint Product Ambassador

Sprint VP, David Owens, got with Laptop Magazine after the Feb 7th launch of the Kyocera Echo dual screen Android phone and made a brief walkthrough video.  Much better lighting and sound in this one.  He shows off the three modes of the phone - standard, PC mode and Tablet mode, along with some of the cooler features and customized apps.

Laptop Mag also has a great collection of images showing the hinge and more details of the phone.  Very creative design and looks like it'll be rock solid. Their take?

The Echo is capable of three positions: single-screen mode with one display showing; PC mode, where the top screen sits at an angle, similar to a laptop; and tablet mode, where the two displays sit flush with each other. Though they are two distinct screens, Kyocera designed the Echo so that there isn’t a significant gap between the LCDs when locked in tablet mode. So it’s possible to scroll or drag across the two displays without missing a beat, whether it’s a web page or panning around Google Street View.

The pivot hinge is specially designed to make the transition between these three modes easy. In our short hands-on time, the hinge motion wasn’t as smooth as we expected, but it’s not supposed to be seamless. The hinge pops and locks as you go from clamshell to PC mode and tablet mode. Kyocera assured us that they’ve done a lot of testing around durability since they anticipate users moving between modes all the time. The concept is well-executed, but it may take people a while to get the hang of it.


Click through for the full writeup:

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