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Kyocera Echo screens are different colors

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Kyocera Echo screens are different colors

I just picked up the Echo today from my local sprint store.

I'm enjoying the device more than I thought I would, but one thing is bothering me (aside from the 50% TWS bug).  The two screens are different hues.

This is most noticeable when viewing a white webpage.  The white color on the top screen is more of a yellowish-brown tinted screen.  The bottom screen is bright pure white with a tiny bit of blue tint.

Is this normal, or is this something I can take in to sprint for an exchange?

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Kyocera Echo screens are different colors

Yes, Take it back to where you purchased it and have them exchange it, I'm on my 3rd one, The second one had that issue.

What's the 50% TWS bug?


Re: Kyocera Echo screens are different colors

Thanks, Levi4u!

The 50% TWS bug is the culprit responsible for your excessive battery drain.  Not everybody seems to have it, but if you get only 6-7 hours usage with both screens on, you likely are affected.

The phone is CDMA, but the android system searches for a GSM signal as well, which errors.  It continues to push your radio, constantly scanning for GSM towers and failing over and over again, all while draining your battery.

You can see this by going to menu->settings->about->battery use, then clicking on the "ALL" tab on the top right.  In the new ilst, scroll down to where it says "Cell Standby/Radio", and click on that.

There should be a field that says "Time without Signal" (TWS).  If it's at 50% - bam, you know you're affected.

You can fix this with a bandaid - once your phone starts up, put it in airplane mode, wait about 5-10 seconds, then switch it back to regular mode.  Run it a while, and you'll see that your TWS will drop to 0%, and your battery will last much longer.  Unfortunately, you have to do this "fix" each time you restart your phone.

Ridiculous that a bug this trivial made it out to production and is affecting everybody's experience.   All the reviews were listing the echo's battery life as a con - if they had fixed this simple bug before releasing, who knows how much more positive the reviews would have been?  Thanks for the tip about the discolored screen, I'll head on over and get it exchanged now.  Thanks!!


Kyocera Echo screens are different colors

Thanks Levi4u - you were right, I took it in and exchanged it.  I was afraid I'd get another "dud", but this one is perfect, matches the screen colors correctly, and white looks white on both screens.  Thanks for the tip

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