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Kyocera echo's constant issues


Kyocera echo's constant issues

I am on my second Kyocea echo phone and i am experiencing the same issues before and cannot take it any longer. The issues are listed:

1. random and constant force closes that result in me turning the phone off and back on to temporarily remedy the situation

2. freezing: just like an old computer the cell phone constantly freezes up

3. slow: Once it was up to speed and now it has slowed down. i do not download many apps.

4. volume: sometimes i cannot control it

5. clock: Alarm continously sounds even after i have turned it off

6. the replacement phone snapped easily

7. loss of data and voice signal randomly

8. internet will lag or stop refreshing and loading

9. camera is slow to take a picture

10. Apps will mysteriously exit

11. VueQue is always under some type of maintenance

The buy back value of this phone is $5. And no i do not have a random smart phone "lying" around that i can use and i REFUSE to buy another smart phone just to continue this contract. I do not know what else to do except go out my way once again to recieve a replacement phone that i will experience the same issues with or terminate my contract with Sprint.

While i am very happy and impressed with the telephone customer service I am disappointed and aggitated with the in store customer service.

Any ideas as to what i should do will be highly appreciated


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