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Phone frozen on Kyocera screen at startup


Phone frozen on Kyocera screen at startup

Just got my Echo off ebay, everythings fine and dandy. An update comes in, so I say why the heck not, shouldnt do any harm........O_O. A grave mistake indeed, got some error code which i believe was "error code 8075" but i could be wrong and now when i turn my phone one it gets stuck at the Kyocera screen. Won't go into revovery mode or anything, just sits there and laughs at my misfortune as it glows saying kyocera. I've done some research and found nothing, looked for the SDK drivers but the website becomes unavailable when I try and download them. I know there been major problems with this phone but damn, I literally just got it off ebay. So if anybody knows any solutions I would glady appreciate it. Thanks in advance.


Re: Phone frozen on Kyocera screen at startup

A lot of sources say to hold volume down and while it is down also press and hold Power until you get to the recovery screen.  However, it doesn't work.  In fact, I don't think this phone has a recovery that is accessible.  I would please admonish you to visit a Sprint Service & Repair Center.  You mentioned this happened while in the middle of a software update.  I am sure the Sprint Store can help you in this situation.  I am sorry for the inconvenience.  You can find a store at


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