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Questions about the Echo? Check the FAQ

Sprint Product Ambassador

Questions about the Echo? Check the FAQ

We've posted a FAQ about the new dual screen Kyocera Eco:

Be sure to check that out for all the common questions.

Product Ambassador, long time Sprint employee

Re: Questions about the Echo? Check the FAQ

FAQ's about this phone:

1. Terrible Battery Life.  Strike 1

2. To get longer battery life they want you to swap out batteries on a daily basis.  Strike 2

3. 3G.  Strike 3

1 Down

4. Not dual core.  Strike 1

5. If you want to watch anything between both screens, you get a nice black line.  Strike 2

6. As of now, very little Apps can be run simutaneously between screens from what I have read.  Strike 3

2 Down

7. Kyocera still makes phones?  Strike 1

8. Only 4.3" total between the 2 screens combined? Isn't the Evo 4"? Doesn't offer much there. Strike 2

9. Oh and have I mentioned that the battery life spec states that it is up to 5.5 hrs use time? Wow good luck if you get in a wreck or something else bad happens. Strike 3

3 down

Which officially closes out on this phone, and I am not someone who looks into these phones in depth, so if anyone wants to add to my list, you are more than welcome, also if you see I mistated or wrote something incorrect, feel free to correct that as well.


Re: Questions about the Echo? Check the FAQ

Correction to #8

Echo is a 4.7" and Evo is 4.3", still a very small amount gained, but just wanted to get that statement corrected.


Re: Questions about the Echo? Check the FAQ

So what is unique about this phone beside the dual screen and how r u going to get a unique exprience with Echo 3G phone?The Epic 4G and the Evo 4G are the best phones out there with 4G sevice.Why did Sprint decice to put this phone as a 3G phone and why not 4G phone.The phone would be unique if it had 4G sevice and u would havd a better unique experience with 4G sevice than 3G sevice.

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