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Too Many Issues To List Here....

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Too Many Issues To List Here....

I have been the unfortunate owner of this phone since April 2011. Due to a death in the family, problems with my mother that required me with her for about a week (late stage Alzheimer's - hospital stay after another fall) and the heart problem with my new grandson. It was a very rough month.  I was unable to learn or us it much until a month later. On the 32 day, I went to a store and asked about exchanging it for a different model. It was 2 days past the return period and was told to contact customer service. They firmly said no being it was past the 30 days. I explained what happed the past month and it didn't matter.  Okay, I accept that...angry, but accept it. Will not budge.

I am a silver premier customer (5+ years). I received an advertisement in the mail stating premier customers can upgrade to a new phone and Sprint will pay the upgrade fees. I'm sorry, but what upgrade fees?  I understood it an early upgrade prior to the 12 or 24 month period. This new phone would be available to premier customers 3 (I believe) days earlier than to the public. I may not be the sharpest knife in the kitchen, but read it as that was the case. I called and was told that was only for new customers. How can a new customer be a premier customer without being with Sprint for 5+ or 10+ years? It is one of 6 phones we have with Sprint (the only Echo) that I was interested in the upgrade. Customer service agent was adamant for new customers only and was told premier on ad must have been a typo.

Problem 1:  Phone gets too hot to hold after about 30 minutes of talking (if battery lasts that long). Have the phone plugged in at all times while in the car due to the battery. I try to carry the additional battery with me, but it is rarely charged by the time the battery being used died.

Problem 2:  Batteries have been replaced, but still run too hot and do not hold a charge. Sometimes 20 minutes, other time 2 hours (if not in use).  I have adjusted all settings and it makes no difference. An Android program I installed said the temperature of the battery was 118 once and another time it was 122. A Sprint service store removed the battery I had in the phone (didn't bring both this time) and promptly replaced it saying it shouldn't be that hot. The new battery made no difference. Still gets very hot.

Problem 3:  Will not ring. All incoming calls go directly to voicemail. All settings are correct and when it was brought to a store, I was told "that is really weird" by a tech. He tried calling it from his personal cell too and it went right to vm.  It will make a sound (periodically) for text msgs. None of the Android programs installed caused this as they were all removed and reinstalled once I discovered the problems were not caused by an app.

Problem 4:  Calls disconnect for no reason.

Problem 5.:  Main screen freezes

Problem 6:  Will not dial at all periodically from the dial pad.

Problem 7:  Dials the wrong person from my contact list.  I've had to delete the contact and reinstall it. Makes no difference. I AM using the correct contact from my contact list.

Problem 8: Applications disappear. I have not uninstalled them. Many were sent to SD card because I've been told by Sprint I have too many.  I deleted all but 10 and nothing changed. I reinstalled them.

All phone upgrades have been completed.

I cannot send it in for repair.I need the phone and information stored on the apps with me at all times. Cannot transfer it with first deleting this information due to confidentiality issues (HIPPA)

Am I asking too much from this phone?  Am I asking too much about the upgrade?  Any ideas on what to do would  be appreciated.

Thank you


Too Many Issues To List Here....

I certainly apologize for the troubles you have been going through.  Honestly, just with battery issues, we would ask you to visit a Sprint Service and Repair Center.  If there is a physical problem with the battery or phone they will be able to determine that.

About the other issues, let's see if we need to replace the phone or battery at the store first.  If we do have to replace the device, then we should wait to see if the next device will have the same problems.

There was a software update just 2 days ago on the 29th.  I know you said it is updated but maybe you havn't been notified about the recent update on Friday.

You said you asked the store to exchange it when you were there last, but this time let's get your phone checked out for the technical issues.

Thank you

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