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Update 2.3 pulled again and again?


Update 2.3 pulled again and again?

Bricked phone on second update and now after receiving replacement update is not available. What is going on.


Update 2.3 pulled again and again?

Haha . . . you don't say? 

I suppose I should be glad I didn't immediately update during the re-release as it seems to have bricked other and/or new phones. Some seem to have little to no issues, but others are about as lucky and me and the first batch of bricks.  I was one of the bricks that occurred, and after the fiasco that I dealt with between Sprint and Kyocera, I was even more angry with the level of customer service I received from both than from the failed update itself.

Luckily, they were eventually able to unbrick my phone with my settings and apps intact -- but not after headaches and stomach aches -- because their best offer was to pay $35 for a refurbished NOT new phone that was backordered in the first place.  Kyocera, themselves, said that their warranty doesn't cover this sort of thing.  And, all this drama due to Sprint's fault not mine.  My Echo isn't even rooted!

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