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kyocera echo keeps rebooting when attempts to turn on wifi


kyocera echo keeps rebooting when attempts to turn on wifi

i have Kyocera Echo for about few months now and the phone has few problems.

1st phone will reboot when you try to turn on the wifi, from widget or system menu.

     Wifi will turn it self off about few seconds after try to turn the wifi on.  If I keep truning it on 90% of time the phone will reboot.  Even the phone rebooted few time i noticed the reboot the problem return.  Wifi will turn itself off.

the problem occurres even before scan the APs.    Yes, i have factory restore the phone and it works only few days.  then in few days the phone's wifi goes back to the old problem with out any apps install.

2nd when you are talking on the phone, and got access to the wifi and the phone will stuck in the loop of on/lock/on/lock.

this problem just been discover after one phone call when my wife was asking me a direction to a restaurant.  So i turn on wifi and my phone got connected, this time didn't reboot and when i took my phone away from my face it goes to the phone dialer screen and back to black screen. the phone gets the loop phone dialer and black screen. 

my mistake was to press the power button and try to lock it.. the phone even came out correct. loops took place on lock screen and black screen.

does anyone have any above problems with their Kyocear Echo.

Software Version:


Hardwarae 0103

Android Version


Kernel Version #1

Build Number


Free Space 90MB.

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