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new Echo owner

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new Echo owner


Finally was able to activate my Echo today. For the past few days, there is a network issue in my area (data is 1x, call signal is 1 to 3 bars). Sometimes I briefly get evdo/3g, and 5 bars. In the past I was 5bars & evdo all the time. Anyway, tech is aware, as is the local sprint store (who won’t report the tower problem to tech)

So, I drove to the next cell tower and downloaded all the apps I need to survive.

I noticed I am on 1.001sp

I tried to update firmware, it spins for a while, then says no update available?

PRL is 60680

At my house/office zip 48306, data is bouncing between 3g & 1x, could that have anything to do with it? Timing out maybe?

Any ideas?

Is the update OTA only or is there an OTW?

I think the phone is great, love the 2screens.



former Samsung Moment user


new Echo owner

I have been reading a lot about Sprint network problems in SE Michigan due to network and tower upgrades, etc.  Hopefully this is what your problem is.


new Echo owner


I used “update Android”

And jumped on a neighbors open wifi shhhhhhh……

Software and hardware both 1.1

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