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RISE and Shine with Kyocera's new smartphone!!!


RISE and Shine with Kyocera's new smartphone!!!

My Review of the Kyocera RISE are anything but lackluster since it’s August 19th debut. The two main ingredients that have led to my recommendation of the RISE have been it’s relatively low pricing point, but most importantly the overall product performance, which normally determines the product life cycle. Priced at $19.99 after a $50 main-rebate in store and totally free online, has made this device a definite purchase compared to the rival devices such as the Motorola Photon Q, and the LG Reflex, which in opinion don’t cater to entry-level smart phone users that are looking for a dependable device that also possesses an full-keyboard, but also has the capability to operate as an touch-screen if desired. Not to mention, the RISE offers Sprint ID, which allows me to download apps and customize a device that caters to my needs and wants. Although the RISE operating speed of RISE is 1ghz it moves like an sports car when not only surfing the web, but also when navigating through the phones settings and preloaded apps. The RISE also takes quality pictures with a 3.2 mega pixel lens, which is perfect for someone who is new into the smart phone world, but they also want to capture and share the moments as they occur. The RISE also is a well-made device that has a good balance of weight and design. Lastly the RISE runs rather well with the latest 4.0 Android Ice Cream Sandwich Software, which has been important for users like myself who want apps such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram, that will keep them connected to those who matter the most and those who update their life as it happens. Again in my opinion the RISE has done well since its debut and will continue to gain steam in the smart phone realm once entry-level smart phone users are introduced to this device rather than forced into thinking an IPhone or an Samsung Galaxy are their only choices.

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