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Kyocera Torque quality problems


Kyocera Torque quality problems

Has anyone else had as much trouble with their Torque phones as we are having?

1) We've had four Torques so far, three of which have had to be returned due to random shutdowns, reboots & lockups.

2) AIn addition to the lockups & shutdowns, alll four have the same issue with the microphone not working in speakerphone mode.

Note that there is a difference between the performance of the SPEAKER and the perfomance of the MICROPHONE (a.k.a. "mike" or 'mic") when in speakerphone mode. If you can hear the caller, your speaker is working properly, and if they can hear you, then your mic is also working properly. Do this test:

a) Call a friend or relative with your Torque phone held to your ear as normal, ask them if they have a moment to help you conduct a test.

b) Once you are talking them with the Torque held to your ear, ask them to hang loose for just a second, sit down at a table, set the phone at the center of the table and put it into speakerphone mode either by touching the screen near lower right corner (small square marked "Speaker On", the blue bar highlights under the word "On" when speakerphone mode is activated), or press the speaker toggle button at top right corner of phone (the same button that toggles DC speaker on & off for DC calls will also toggle speakerphone mode on & off when making a regular phone call).

c) With speakerphone mode activated and the phone placed at the center of the table, you sitting up in a normal position (i.e. don't lean your face down near the phone), speak toward the phone in a normal voice and ask your friend/relative if they can hear you OK.

d) Take phone out of speakerphone mode, hold the phone to your ear again and speak normally, and ask your friend/relative on the other end if there is any difference in how loud and/or clear you sound to them with the phone in the two different modes.

If they can hear you loud & clear, then your phone is operating normally. If they can't hear you clearly until you take the phone out of speakerphone mode and place it back against your ear, then your mic is bad.

Be sure to report any and all problems you might be having with your Torques to Sprint, because we have had nothing BUT problems with all of our Torques, and so far both Sprint & Kyocera are claiming there are no know issues with the Torque. It takes all users who are experiencing problems with phones to call Sprint or take their phones to a Sprint store and report the problems before Sprint can gather enough data to realize there is a genuine problem, and neither Sprint nor Kyocera will try to fix anything until enough complaints are received that it begins to register on their radar.

Thanks in advance to anyone who posts their issues here for the rest of us to learn, and also reports their issues directly to Sprint tech support. I'll be interested to see how many otherTorque users will find that their mic does not work properly when in speakerphone mode on a regular phone call (not a DC call).


Re: Kyocera Torque quality problems

I've had some issues too.....

microSD card randomly dissappears.

Without the microSD card, the phone seems to have 3 memories, but it doesn't become apparent until you add an SD card

Protected Phone 1Gig -- For Phone use

Phone Internal -- Not sure if this is really Protected phone or Phone SD in disquise.

Phone SD -- This is where you move stuff to get them off the phone internal.

I noticed it because I went to add an SD card, and move everything over to it, but once I put the SD card in, it disabled the internal Phone SD card.

I then lost access to a bunch of stuff. You can access it by changing the memory setting or manually removing the SD card.

(NOTE: I can't transfer everything, so some things just point to the wrong spot. -- Might be fixable by using the computer and loading it as a drive, pulling the data off, then putting the removable card in, and transfering the stuff back. (Not sure if that will break things or not

Either way, it won't fix the card unexpectantly being "removed" Even without shocking or dropping the device


Same as you, I get "Random" shutdowns and lockups. This may be due the the above memory issues, and things getting lost randomly


I mentioned in another post the PTT/Direct connect button is too sensitive


Camera sounds are not silenceable.


Mic issues,... Haven't experimented enough. I've switch to (or was it from) speaker when people couldn't hear me.


Poor data connection.... Its nice to have the smart network connection, but sometimes rather than pick a good connection, it sits there with full signal unable to decide where to send data. .There is no option to manually select things. (i.e. turn off 4g or something else)


I am not sure I like the dial pad and history. I am used to entering a number and seeing choices pop up (HTC evo). The other is a true search, and feels too computer like.


Missed calls not promenent enough. I used to be able to look at my screen and it would show missed calls big and prominent in the middle like new text messages that need to be addressed.


Re: Kyocera Torque quality problems

I have the same problem, phone shuts off by itself. The only way to turn it on is either to take the battery out and put it back in, or connect the phone to the power. Also having issues with SD card and memories. And phone likes to freeze when using Navigation.

It's to bad because the phone is a good one...


Re: Kyocera Torque quality problems

"I have the same problem, phone shuts off by itself. The only way to turn it on is either to take the battery out and put it back in, or connect the phone to the power. Also having issues with SD card and memories. And phone likes to freeze when using Navigation.

It's to bad because the phone is a good one..."

I would like to add that I've had the phone 3 days, and have had the exact same problem twice now.

Shuts down or powers off hard. Remove battery, starts right up. Battery is nowhere near dead.

Is this a power saving function gone awry?


Re: Kyocera Torque quality problems

I called Kyocera directly, they are assuming its a software issue, so they want me to do a "hard refresh." This type of refresh will earase all memories and all apps, bring it to factory settings with no guranties. I tried a different battery and it still shuts off... so they might be right.

Sad that Sprint doesn't care to address this issue.


Re: Kyocera Torque quality problems

Let us know if that works. It came as factory, so who knows.

I figured the shut downs were in part due to the system getting confused with an unreliable connection to the memory .

I did call Sprint. They have nooo reports of problems with the torque. Of course they showed me having another kyocera phone.


Re: Kyocera Torque quality problems

PMTy said: "...I did call Sprint. They have nooo reports of problems with the torque...."

For the record, I've gotten the same nonsense replies from Sprint and from Kyocera, and I quote "There are no known issues with the Torque.". Both companies have plenty of records of the horrible reliability of these early Torques, they are just playing dumb, probably their way of trying to avoid a revolt.

From my experience with five new Torques just to get two good ones, my gut feel is that these are hardware issues, not software. BTW, I use the term "good" very loosely here, by "good" I mean that the best Torques only shut themselves off, or randomly reboot, every other day or so, rather than doing those things a few times per day per phone. Ours have continued to exhibit these problems through the various OS & firmware versions the phones shipped with, as well as the latest update available (as of April 06).

After I received my third brand-new Torque, I didn't change a single thing on it, no downloaded apps, didn't even let them transfer contacts over from my old Nextel phone, just kept it completely stock, right out of the box, all I did was make and receive a few phone calls & several Sprint Direct Connect calls. It still shuts off or reboots itself every other day or so, which, compared to the first two, is "good".

Also, the microphone still fails to work when on a regular call in speakerphone mode.

Also, the PTT button is way too weak, far, far, FAR too easy to press.

Also, you can't turn off the very loud sound it makes every time it powers up.

The Torque SHOULD be a good phone some day, hopefully it will be, but whoever is in charge of quality control (SW & HW) at Kyocera should get a trip to the woodshed.


Re: Kyocera Torque quality problems

Nothing but problems with the Torque.  Ordered 4.  Had to return 2 of them because of speaker problems using the direct connect.   New phones, same problem.  Called sprint and they told me I was the first to complain about issue.  Find that very hard to believe.  Also have problems with phone shutting down.


Re: Kyocera Torque quality problems

Same shut down issue on 2 torques. Have to pull the battery to get them back on.


Re: Kyocera Torque quality problems

I've had my Torque for less than 24hrs and while i like the phone i am having issues as well.

1) it has randomly rebooted 6 times in < 24 hrs.

2) Devices that connect to the hotspot cannot browse. (yes, i have that plan)

3) Thethering doesn't work and I get a device driver error (CNC NCM) when I connect via usb to my PC's.

4) it froze up hard once so far requiring battery removal.

i agree the DC button is way to easy to push but that is ok for me cause i dont use DC so it becomes an easy way to turn on screen.


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