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Problem with lower part of screen? (also battery question)


Problem with lower part of screen? (also battery question)

Anyone having issues with lower portion (like the bottom inch or so) of the screen.  Ive noticed that it wasnt always as sensitive and now it just seems to not work. If I constantly tap it it will sometimes work.

Also I recently have noticed my battery warns me its at 1% quickly w/o warning of 15% left.  Yet it seems to last alot longer than you'd think with 1%.  This is the second battery Ive bought, anyone had issues?


Re: Problem with lower part of screen? (also battery question)

We've had our Torques for two years, still on the original batteries, no problems holding a charge. Here are a few tips that seem to work for us:

> Buy batteries & chargers only from the manufacturer itself, or Sprint.

> Don't let the phone's charge get too low, and remove the phone from the charger just as soon as it is fully charged.

> Keep the phone/battery as cool as you reasonable can.


1) Only buy batteries & chargers from the original source (in this case, from Sprint or Kyocera). You truly never know what you're getting from a third-party supplier. Some batteries and some chargers have built-in intelligence to control heat buildup, some do not. Don't try to go on the cheap with batteries or chargers.

2) Don't let the battery run way down before recharging it. Today's lithium-ion batteries prefer to be kept in the range of being 60-90% charged. Best to keep the battery roughly within that 60-90% charged range, and absolutely be sure to remove it from the charger as soon as the battery is fully charged. Never let the phone/battery remain hooked to the charger once it reaches the 100% charged mark.

3) Don't let the phone or the battery get too hot. Lithium-ion batteries greatest enemy by far is excessive heat. Obviously, don't let the phone sit in direct sunlight. Also, charging the phone while simultaneously using it causes a LOT of heat buildup fairly quickly, so try to not be using the phone for extended periods while charging it. For example, in my case the hottest the phone ever gets is when I am using Google Navigation in the car while the phone is plugged into the charger and the screen is on. It gets hot FAST under those circumstances. Because I'm just listening to Google's audio instructions and not looking at the screen, I turn off the screen, and I set the phone in the cup-holder so it is shaded.

We actually have an old Nextel phone from 2003 that still has it's original battery. Twelve years on that battery, including the first three years of its life that was hard, daily use, and it still functions today (used for Direct Talk offline walkie-talkie use).

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