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Used Kyocera Torque does not have LTE option


Used Kyocera Torque does not have LTE option

I have activated a Torque that I purchased from a reputable person.   It took some time and I had to go to a sprint store to get a sim card, but I have been been able to use the phone ... some.   There is no option to turn LTE on or off.   It simply isn't in the menu.   The only menu options in the mobile networks menu are to Enable Data, the turn on the Optimizer, and Roaming options.   The store and Tech Support appear to not be able to help.   Store actually says that I won't see "LTE" in the menu unless I am in an LTE area... when I called Tech support later-- they said i need to go to a store.

What is wrong with this phone?


Thank you for reaching out. Unfortunately, with your device, you are capable of turning on 4G only when you're in a 4G area. To do this you will have to go to: SYSTEM SETTINGS>>MORE>>MOBILE NETWORKS>>NETWORK MODE>>LTE/CDMA. Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns, I'm here for you.
- Wendy
Sprint Social Care

Wait a minute here, i just read this and have to ask, dosen`t the handset need the SIM card for LTE access?  Seems to me that in order to get LTE (and SDC if you have that enabled) to work one of the thingies ya need is a valid SIM.  Wanna prove my point?  Easy, just pull your SIM and watch what happens, some features/wervices (like LTE& SDC if you have it) will be disabled.  Just a suggestion, but i would see about that SIM, as methinks that might be an issue here, might not be THE issue, but it`s somethin` to have a gander at anyway, just to ether prove it true or rule it out.

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