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11/24 - LG Rumor Touch Maintenance Release - LN510ZVC


11/24 - LG Rumor Touch Maintenance Release - LN510ZVC

LG Rumor Touch Maintenance Release - LN510ZVC


  • Device won't power up past the Rumor screen

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You can see all LG Rumor Touch Maintenance Releases, install instructions, and subscribe to receive updates here.

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Got my LG Rumor a few months back and had absolutely no issues until the last several days. I am current with LN510ZVC and suddenly I cannot text out or recieve. Powering down, taking out battery and powering up again is a bunch of BS! But since I've been a loyal customer for over a decade AND currently have 3 lines, my options are to get screwed over some more and just either deal with it or buy a new phone (full price of course, since it's not my "time" to upgrade)...thanks for selling a phone despite having the same issues on it for the past year or so. Not Sprint's's a LG phone, right? Buncha of crap!  


What's it going to take for Sprint and LG to wake up and realize that a new firmware version is needed?  Previous versions did not fix the problem.

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