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Any way to find the ring tones I had on a Sanyo Katana?


Any way to find the ring tones I had on a Sanyo Katana?

I like the ring tones I had on my Sanyo Katana - the built in ones.  I tried to search for then on Sprint Dititgal, but was not successful.  I had 4 downloaded ring tones on the Katana, but was not able to find them to download onto my LG Touch Rumor.

I'm looking for:

Ten Little Indians - just music - no voices

Brandenberg - Black Violin - music  - no voices

Jer2 - Jericho - music - no voices

the Built in ringtones from the Katana.

I especially liked the "Check Your Messages" female voice - no music.

Thanks in advance

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Any way to find the ring tones I had on a Sanyo Katana?

The ringtones download on the device by the manufacture are there property and we may or may not have those ringers in digital lounge.  Each phone can be different in the music available depending on the type of files it uses.  I know this can cause a good deal of frustration  when we have a favorite tone.  There are third party sites you can look at as well that might have the ringtone you wish.  You can find these doing a google search. hope this helps you get the ringtones you want

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