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Big Problem


Big Problem


I have a big problem and i cant seem to get anyones help on this....including law enforcement...about a year ago i started sering apps contacts disappearing right before my eyes....someone has relentlessly stalking and harrasing me via internet they gained access of almost everything and have managed to keep on even switching phone carriers devices so on for last year and i constantly am creating new g mail accounts with new devices ....even tho it has gptten to the point of which it has because i am not able to catch them physcially or camera wise due to their abilitly knowing low voltage elect snd them being able to cause such confussion from stealing not being able to call oit and redirecting my calls my emails i have been labeled as crazy which im not and they have allienated me from friends and family everything i have read on gang stalking and electronic harrasment is exactally whats happened in my story ....

I have recording of lady who experienced same thing as me just shorter time frame ....what i have been told is let it go and it will go away....seriously my life my savings have been stilen from me i cant let it go can someone refer or offer help i cant get it to stop

Sprint Employee

Hello Wont_shutup.

We can definitely see that you have been through A lot. It sounds like this issue should be handled by Law enforcement. All we can do is recommend that you to bring your device to a local Sprint Repair store. They can help you Factory Reset the device and hopefully help you end the hacking of your device.


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