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Can i sell Lg Rumor 2?

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Can i sell Lg Rumor 2?

i was thinking of buying myself a sanyo 2700 off ebay and i would like to get rid of my lg rumor 2. If i got the sanyo, then activated it with my account, Could i just go ahead and sell the rumor 2? could it be activated with another line? Thanks.


Re: Can i sell Lg Rumor 2?

Good Evening.......

I see that you are interested in purchasing another phone to take the place of the phone that you currently have on your account. Once you choose to activate a new phone on the account, this will then remove the ESN/DEC number for the Rumor 2 from your account which would then make it available to be activated on another line or even another account.

Hope this answers your question.....

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Re: Can i sell Lg Rumor 2?

Thanks, but i have seen on ebay of people selling phones with "bad ESN" where you have to "flash to cricket" or something like that. What is a bad ESN and how do i prevent it fromhappening to my rumor 2 when activating a new phone?

Sprint Product Ambassador

Re: Can i sell Lg Rumor 2?

Bad ESN can mean many things - often it will mean the ESN is flagged in our systems as lost or stolen.  You do the math.

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