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Can't access facebook on new Rumor Touch


Can't access facebook on new Rumor Touch

My son got the new Rumor Touch yesterday.  (yeh a couple days earlier than the official launch).  Anyway, he gets the error message "Error: unexpected error occurred" when he tries to login to facebook from the facebook application on the phone.  HOWEVER, other people,such as me and my wife are able to login to our facebook accounts on his phone.  We already made sure we were not incorrectly putting in his email or password credentials.  We even changed his facebook password, and tried again with no luck.  Any suggestions?


Re: Can't access facebook on new Rumor Touch

Do you have a data plan and is your data working for the web browser etc.?  You might try doing a update firmware and update data profile too.


Re: Can't access facebook on new Rumor Touch

Thanks.  It does have a data plan.  The Browser, Navigation, Texting, Sprint TV, etc, all else works.  Also, we already did those updates.  There was no firmware update yet .. only the initial release.

Anyway, here's an update!  Today it's working.  We are able to log into his facebook account now.  So Im thinking maybe we did too many login attempts yesterday, and then there was a lockout of some sort on his account.  Who knows?????  I guess it don't matter now what the cause was.  Thanks.

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