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Cant connect to mobile network


Cant connect to mobile network

I received the LG G6 yesterday. I spent all night downloading and transferring everything from my old phone. I use wifi while I am at home. I leave for work this morning and am unable to make a call. it states that I am not connected to a mobile network. Will need to connect to wifi to make a call. I was able to send texts. When I arrive at work I call tech support and they have me do a refresh (something with a ##7 number) and the phone works. I  go home on my lunch and then leave to return to work and again  i get the same error message and am unable to make calls. I get back to work and then the phone works. I am frustrated because this  is a brand new phone and I have already called tech support twice and it still isn't solved. I was told that there was an outage in my area, which doesnt make sense because why did my old phone work yesterday and why does my families phone work? So I was told to go to a repair center to get it fixed. I almost wish I didn't upgrade!


Re: Cant connect to mobile network

ayden1123, sorry about that. We definitely want you to be able to use your service and enjoy your new phone. Allow me to look into this to find out what's going on. May I please have some of the nearest cross streets and ZIP code of the location where this is happening?

Sprint Social Care Team.

Re: Cant connect to mobile network

Actually a friend told me what to do to change it. Just upsetting that tech support but a friend could.

Mobile networks
Network mode
Select let/cdma

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