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Email signature with Rumor Touch


Email signature with Rumor Touch

I have a new Rumor Touch, but I cannot find a way to attach a long signature which states something like:

To reply to this email, send to


The other issue I have is to setup a IMAP account which my company uses, and so I have my company's email forwarded to my Gmail account.  However, I'd prefer my responders to respond to my original company email and so need the above long signature to go with every email I send out through my mobile phone.

Hope someone has an idea ; as I certainly can't figure it out.


For those that use Gmail...I figured out a way to have you receive office email and reply via your office domain email on your mobile phone (LG Rumor Touch)

> To start, I have my office emails forwarded to my Gmail account.

> Go into on your computer and click on Settings and then Forwarding POP/IMAP.  Enable IMAP ; then save settings

> Next Click on Accounts & Import

> You will see a column Send mail as.  Click on "Send mail from another address".  This is where you would plug in your office email address...i.e

> Also then select the button "Always reply from default address (currently".  Then click on Make Default (instead of the email address).

> Gmail will send an email to your email registered under for confirmation ; you will need to enter up to 8 numbers on the link provided.

> On your Rumor Touch phone, click on Main Menu then Messaging, then Email.  To setup an email account, instead of using the default Gmail account setup on your Rumor Touch phone...choose Other IMAP

> Set up your account email as :    this would be your office email address

> Password : use Gmail password

> Incoming mail : ; use SSL port # 993

> Outgoing mail : ; use SSL port # 465 and check mark Authentication

> Now the phone will try and connect should get current emails from your Gmail account.  You can change settings on your Rumor Touch phone to get more than 25 last emails (which is default - up to 100 max) and change the file size (1KB is default) ;and checkmark the Notify option, and if you have the Ringer configured with a soft Bubble, Bird tone etc, you will get it upon receiving email.

This way I get all my office emails on LG Rumor Touch and when I send an email to someone it looks as if it went from my office email account.

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