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Find and update the software version on your LG Rumor2


Find and update the software version on your LG Rumor2

WHAT COULD HAVE BEEN AN EASY TASK... When I tried to update the FIRMWARE on my phone following the online directions, it said my phone had "no firmware update available" and above it it stated an error code of 7777. I'm not sure whether there was an actual error or if the "error" appears when there are no updates available? Kinda confusing and dumb. Maybe it needs the internet connection to receive the updates and if that is the case then it should state that in the directions so this way I can activate the internet/web usage.I doubt this is the case however because I updated the PRL and it worked just fine. I usually the web blocked so I don't accidently add internet charges. Now I have to waist time calling sprints IT department which tends to be a pain in the butt because of the hold time. Not an easy task afterall but more of a time consuming one if you run into the same problem. TO SPRINT: You could have simply added a "if you get an error may mean...try this instead... or this..." etc. to better help someone if they have this problem. Offer a solution.

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