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HELP with Lg Rumor Touch


HELP with Lg Rumor Touch

Can someone please tell me how to empty my "in-phone memory" on a Lg Rumor Touch.

I have no music, no pictures, no apps on my phone


Re: HELP with Lg Rumor Touch

Have you cleared out your text Messages and Contact History files?  That stuff stays with you unless you delete it.

This site had a recommendation to just reset the phone.  LG rumor touch-In phone memory is full HELP!!? - Yahoo! Answers

Some more ideas here  What is using up all my memory in my phone? - Yahoo! Answers

And how to clear your browser Why am I getting a memory shortage message when I go online on LG Rumor Touch? | ChaCha

I have a Reflex, not running any apps (deleted the ones that were there), a couple of pictures, and about 6 ringtones I downloaded.  The memory info says I have 98% free, and I have my browser set to not show images, but I still get memory shortage messages when I go to the web.  What memory is there just isn't enough.


Re: HELP with Lg Rumor Touch


Thanks for reaching out. Khuten has provided some really good information that can help. The master reset should erase everything from the phone if you choose to go that route, keep in mind it will erase the stored contacts as well. Keep us posted and let me know if you need anything else.


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Re: HELP with Lg Rumor Touch

Uh no.

My Reflex had a Master Reset done because it was rebooting everytime I tried to access email.  The store tech saved off my Contacts first and then restored them after the reset.  I don't see why that can't be done with the Touch.  They are both LG Rumors.

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