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Happy with Sprint but Unsatisfied with Phone


Happy with Sprint but Unsatisfied with Phone


I've been with Sprint since 2008 I think and haven't had any problems until now. I like Sprint. It has better plans at better rates. Recently I was able to upgrade. I really wanted an Evo or Epic but couldn't afford it so went with the purple lg optimus. The features are cool but the phone does not have flash and it's causing me problems. I thought it was defective so I exchanged it for a new one end of december 2010. The phone is still causing me problems and i am just very unhappy with it now. It's up to date and everything but it reboots itself, i have problems with apps not loading, it shuts off in the middle of calls and this is my primary phone. I use it for everything and am very unsatisfied with it. I'd rather have an Evo or Epic but now I am over 30 days from the date I originally upgraded. Now I feel as if I'm stuck with a phone I am unhappy with for the next year or so and that irritates me. Help I really need suggestions or something. I like Sprint and don't want to change carriers but I don't want to be stuck with a phone that I've found really doesnt meet my needs.

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