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Hello Lotus Number 4


Re: Hello Lotus Number 4

Bye now my friend they should have put you in a diiferent phone. LG LOTUS are inclined to problems, I am working on my 3rd lotus and after this I am told that they will put me into a another model. So please inquire about it. Dont keep taking the same junk.


Re: Hello Lotus Number 4

My Daughter got a Lotus.  She has been on the same cycle as you are, or so it seems.  We live way out in the country, have to use our Lotus on a Airave to get coverage at all, and this is what we see.  Every time we report a failure we have to bring the phone in to be reset, and then we have to bring it home and wait for the failure to recur (unless it can't be reset out of the failure mode).  At that point they replace the phone with a refurbished one (read: One that someone else reported broken which runs their lame diagnostics.)

1.  Her first phone failed in a month, the phone's camera died.  Could not be reset, they mailed us a broken phone.

2.  Phone turned itself off all the time. Battery fully charged. Gave up.

3.  Could not download MP3s or ringtones.

Other problems.

Like many, we are approaching our one year warranty limit and Sprint has done nothing to actually fix the phone.  The phone is broken, it needs a software update and it needs to be recalled - at LG's expense, not at Sprints, if they can't upgrade the phone.  Sprint acted as LG's agent here, they need to make this right if LG won't, and then they need to quit handling LG's junk.


Re: Hello Lotus Number 4

I am having the same issues with the lotus . I am know waiting for the exectuive care team to contact me, Every time I speak with the reps I am told I do not qualify for an upgrade when I requeat the phone to be replaced. HOWEVER SPRINT MIGHT WANT TO CHECK THE DEFINITION OF UPGRADE... TO REPLACE ITEM WITH NEWER/ENHANCED VERSION  OF PRODUCT.  We are requesting 2 phones of equal value/capabilities as the current one.

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