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How do i transfer data?


How do i transfer data?

i am updating and replacing one of my phones. how do i transfer pictures, contacts, ect. to my new phone?

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Re: How do i transfer data?

I have an Optimus, so some of these suggestions may not apply to you.  It's difficult to give a clear answer without knowing what phones you have.

Try plugging your old phone into your computer.  Most camera phones have the ability to connect to the computer as a USB storage device (a notification should pop up on your phone to select USB storage).  Then you can transfer your pictures to the computer.  If you want those pictures on your new phone, just transfer the files from your computer to the new phone using the same method.

Contacts may be a little difficult.  The Sprint Store may be able to help.  I came from a Palm Treo, so I can say what I did.  I synchronized with my computer and exported the contacts to a text file (on the computer).  The Palm Desktop software had that option.  Then I logged on to Gmail and imported the contacts from the text file into the Gmail contacts.  Gmail includes the option to import text files.  Unfortunately, I'm not sure if you can export your contacts to a text file.

Concerning the "etc", I was also able to import calendar events to my Google calendar.  In addition, you can download software to synchronize Outlook calendars with the Google calendar, if that applies to you.  Basically, if you have an Android phone, try to get what you can into the Google "cloud".  Everything that shows up on your Google account (email, contacts, events) will also synchronize to your phone.  For tasks, I use Astrid to synchronize to my Google Tasks.  Note Everything can import and export to Google notes.  Dataviz works with Google Documents.  And there are many more apps on the Android market.

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Re: How do i transfer data?

Also, the Sprint stores have a special machine that will transfer your data for you.

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