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How to transfer contacts into LG Optimus


How to transfer contacts into LG Optimus

Upgraded to an LG Optimus S from a Katana DLX.  Had been using the Wireless Backup service to back up my Katana DLX contacts.  After activating the Optimus the wireless service disappeared as well as my contacts.  The contacts also never transferred over to the Optimus.  How come and why not?  What the point in paying for the backup service?  I need help.  Thank you.


Re: How to transfer contacts into LG Optimus

I am a Sprint Tech – Android doesn’t support several carrier services like wireless backup and/or the music store.  Several options – if you still have the Katana DLX a store could copy the contacts.  Another option is to reactivate the Katana DLX – login in to the wireless backup on a computer and export the contacts to a CSV file –  then you deactivate the Katana DLX and reactive the Optimus** then you could import that file into Goggle/Gmail and they would be on your phone.  I apologize that you weren’t told before hand that Android doesn’t support wireless backup.

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