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LG Fusic. Need a software update or no?


LG Fusic. Need a software update or no?

I tried to update my software and it said the update package failed to download. Does that mean I need to take it to a sprint store or do I just not need an update?
Also I've had several problems with calls, making and recieving. Sometimes when I call it will ring a bunch on my end but never on the end I'm calling to. Or if someone calls me it just wont ring and if they leave a voicemail I wont get it for a few hours or day after. Anyone else had anything like that happen?
What software version should I have?


Re: LG Fusic. Need a software update or no?

The last sw version out for the Fusic is LX550V12. If you have anything lower than this and your device is able to access the internet (no error 1012 or 67 when trying to access), you can take it into a service center to have the sw updated. The last update was to fix issues with powercycling with intercarrier pic mail and an issue with the device randomly vibrating.

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