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LG G Flex keeps dropping calls and shutting down my bluetooth


LG G Flex keeps dropping calls and shutting down my bluetooth

I bought my phone in May, my husband has the exact same phone. My phone drops calls, disconnects my phone call from my bluetooth and locks up. The first Sprint store told me that it was a Tower issue ( no one in my house is having this problem 4 other sprint users) and that in 5-7 days I would receive a phone call and a ticket would be put in. Well, I didn't get the phone call. I took my phone to another sprint store because it would drop my bluetooth 4-5 times per call. When this problem first started I thought it was my headset so I grabbed another headset and the same thing happened so I factory reset it thinking it might be a bad app or corrupt code that was the culprit. Nothing, it still dropped calls and my bluetooth. I took it to another Sprint store and they took it for an hour and after factory resetting it they said they could not reproduce it. I left the store with my bluetooth connected talking to a friend and before I got out of the door it did it, I took it back to the technician and she stated that she did not notice me on the blue tooth and that it was not connected to the phone! That is what the problem is the bluetooth disconnects from the phone. Totally disgusted  with Sprint. Have anyone else had this problem and if so how did you fix it? I installed my programs one at a time but couldn't find one that would have caused the problem.


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Re: LG G Flex keeps dropping calls and shutting down my bluetooth

yolandarnelson31 - Thank you for posting. I can definitely understand your frustration in regards to this issue. Give this a try, Go to menu>system setting>general>battery>battery saver>uncheck bluetooth. Please keep me posted with the results, i'm here to help. - Kareem
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