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LG G2 Acting up (freezing at odd times) and other problems


LG G2 Acting up (freezing at odd times) and other problems

Since the begging of the year my LG G2 (about 6 months old at this time) started to act up at different times.  The symptoms are as follows

In previously working areas - freeze up (back button would not turn on display with one push and a prolonged push would popup the shutdown/restart menu).  All touch sensitivity on the screen would dis-appear.  My only choice would be to do a shutdown or restart which would not work right ways due to the lack of touch sensitivity but after a couple of tries.

I'm also annoyed by the Cable Company WiFi which will popup whenever I'm close to one of those so-called Free hotspots. In trying to avoid this popup whenever I really need to use the data portion of the phone I have set the following, although it hasn't solved the problem

Network Notification - off

Wi-Fi auto controls - off

Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep - Only when plugged in

Scanning always available - off

Wi-Fi signal weak - on

Battery saving for Wi-Fi - on

Is anyone's LG G2 working flawlessly and if so what are you doing to it?  My opinion is that the problem starts with Sprint with the all the loaded extra crap which I never use, but they only I can get some satisfaction is when they loose me as a customer which in the works (no more extending my service plan after it expires).



Re: LG G2 Acting up (freezing at odd times) and other problems


Thanks for the post. This definitely does sound like a frustrating situation. I would advise having this device issues looked at by our techs in store. They will be the most qualified to look at your issue.

Sean L
Social Care
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