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LG LOTUS from Sprint


LG LOTUS from Sprint

I have had to have my sons LG Lotus replaced 2 x's and fixed 3 x's. Mind you, we got the phone in April of 2009. First replacement was within the 30 days. So, he's had the Lotus for 8 months and out of those 8 months the phone has been replaced twice and the LCD screen replaced 3 times.   I was told by the Irvine Service center on Commerce in Oct. 2009 that if I had to bring this phone in again for the LCD screen going out they would replace it with an entirely different phone. LIARS!!!!!!!! FLAT OUT LIARS! They wonder why I get so infuriated with them on the phone. They keep telling me lie after lie! Now I have been told by a Sprint Account Retention Supervisor "Brandi" that I have to go back to the manufacturer and file a complaint for faulty product. It's much easier to transfer my numbers to Verizon and pay the $150.00 cancellation fee. I'll get 1,000,000 times better coverage and a network that treats their customers with respect.  After all, it's only $25.00 more then my monthly bill. Whatever happened to Sprints Customer Service?  Comments please...

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Re: LG LOTUS from Sprint

I so know how you feel.  I have a LG Rumor 2 and have been getting the run around and horrible customer service and technical service.  the CSR's seem to say anything that will get you off the phone.  They told me that as long as I was at the service center before it closed they would fix my phone or give me a loaner if they had to keep it overnight.  When I got to the service counter the technician said "it' s against our policy to give out loaners anymore.  The CSR's don't know what they are talking about" The Service center was amazingly inefficient.  They kept the sign in sheet behind the desk rather than out in the open.  Because of this techs ended up spending precious time with people hearing their problem and THEN telling them to sign the sheet and wait.  I waited over 30 minutes.  I paid for the insurance.  The tech tells me that they won't replace a phone until I've been in multple times with the same complaint.  I wish I could bill them MY hourly rate for the time I'm supposed to spend waiting around the service dept.  I ordered a new battery from Sprint.  The tech test the battery which is less than one month old.  The battery is a dud.  The tech tells me they sent me a bad battery and to contact CSR and ask that they send me a brand new battery as opposed to a refurbished battery.  Refurbished battery?  The online shop does not say the battery is refurbished.  I think you are right easier to pay the cancellation and go with Verizon at least I know I'll get good reception.


Re: LG LOTUS from Sprint

I agree wholeheartedly with you and understand your frustrations as I have dealt with the same issues with all three of my LG Lotus phones.  My son's LG has been replace three times and my husband screen has been out since October 2009.  We just refused to deal with the inadequate customer service and the responses they have provided to us in the past for solutions as they were just outlandishly ridiculous.  It's as if they are totally on another planet and disconnected from the issues being addressed.  I am so frustrated with Sprint until, I am just completely exhausted from the many hours it takes to resolve and issue over the telephone to find that it has to be re-addressed within a couple of weeks and in some cases readdressed in days.  I have wasted so much time just to resolve simple things.  I purposely did not extend my contract because of the customer service prior to purchasing the new phones; however, I should have waited as the customer service worsened.  I am now trying to decide whether to canel the contract and go to a competitor as well.   When I think they are starting to get better and show a willingness to provide better service--something will totally turn it around and help me to realize that it's temporary.  Sprint is loosing ground because of the respresentatives more so than the products itself. I realize products have faulty equipment or electrical problems, but customer service should not be labeled in this category.  The Sprint Corporation must focus on training and leadership must do everything possible to analyze and address the issues and especially the tact of its personnel.


Re: LG LOTUS from Sprint

Please send me a private message with your contact info (name, phone number and/or email) and I'll  forward it to someone to help you.  

Re: LG LOTUS from Sprint

I totally agree with every single word you have written and it is because of my experiences with Sprint's response to various issues with my bill and this piece of garbage phone - the Lotus.

The first time I had it serviced, the technician actually told me that it was a common problem with flip phones. Really? I've had dozens of them and NEVER had a problem with the screen going out...never. When I told him this, he looked at me like I was an idiot and replied "Well, maybe you just don't know how to use this larger flip phone." I almost screamed in his face. It was only after I left the store that I discovered that my "new" phone they had given me to replace the broken one, was a refurbushed one. I took it back to the store to show them the dust and dirt, they refused to believe me and said "take it or leave it". It's been all downhill ever since.

Then I have had ongoing billing issues and had to call in every month for months to get my bill corrected.

At this point, I'm ready, so ready, to ditch Sprint. There are too many better deals out there that even with the cost of terminating my contract with Sprint, I would still come out ahead in the long run and have my sanity in tact.

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