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LG LX 370 - how do get Sprint to replace bad equipment?


LG LX 370 - how do get Sprint to replace bad equipment?

I swear this is th worst phone ever....I've been with sprint for about 3 1/2 months...and I will be on my 3rd replacement phone.... it likes to shut down after exiting email... you have to pull the battery if you use the GPS to shut it down.... it reboots in the middle of calls....and I'm tired of it.

I've spend over 7 hours sitting at Sprint repair...only to have them tell me the phone needs to be replaced...of course they also loaded someone else's phone contact on my phone....which resulted in another visit.   Just the worst ....

Today when they said a third phone....I told them I didn't want another one of these...I'm tired of being without a reliable unit....their answer was I had to get the unit I purchased....and if it happens again..they can build a case for a different unit...   Ok - 4 visits to sprint for repairs....7 hours of my time....and now I have to go thru this again.

Phones should last for more than 40 days.... 1st phone the GPS failed, email stopped working (was told it was because my log in was case sensitive - funny that when I am on line it isn't....and it's not --- even set up an all numeric login and password...- and it still doesn't work).  So first phone after 2 visits ...not counting the repeated visits to get my contacts fix.

2nd phone... GPS failing.... email when existing reboots phones...then if you try to check email..it states inpropper  shut down...sigh...  when talking to people the phone will just reboot....and even when you are not using it...it occasionally reboots ...of course they can't duplicate that even thou I should the person I gave the phone....

When they were working on it...they stated my system was corrupted and it needed to be replaced...the GPS was bad and not working, and they blamed my internet carrier for the system rebooting...I'm sorry...what command is my email carrier giving my phone to shut down.

I am so tired of this...I may just go back to Verizon... I was just tired of the garbage that was happening with them splitting up their business with Frontier communucation.

Sprint...you should be ashamed of yourself.    Stop dragging your customers through the dirt to resolve an obvious phone issue.

How you get some customer satisfaction from a company that obvious fails to listen after you purchase the phone?

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hey these phones aren't top of the line quality, you pay for what you get if you payed 19.00 for your phone thats how good it is don't get mad over something cheap.  If you want email and everything to work great you need to spend some extra money for a better phone. thats all i have to say about that.



Well...it's not a $19 phone...do your research....I did and the LG LX370 was rated high, I don't like touch screens and just wanted basic feature...which still don't work.  If you look at the hype...Sprint claims it does email, web, GPS, etc....they advertise it...it should work or that is called false advertising.

It is not just email...the phone constantly reboots and locks up.  To shut it down...I have to pull the battery now.  When talking to people...it reboots.   On the GPS...which is pretty simple...both phones have failed for the same reason, again....I've been with Sprint for 3 1/2 months...I'm going on my third phone.   Now it won't take a full charge....please keep in mind...this phone is only a month old....the other phone was only a month old....

The other thing that happens is I get an insufficient memory error....for no reason...the phone beeps and shows insufficient memory...which locks the phone up again. I have no pictures, nothing stored in memory.   I was told the data was corrupted...what data I asked...they just said the system data.  I manage tech support...and this is not an answer...  I was told it was my email carrier....again...I asked what command Comcast was sending to my phone that made it reboots...they then said it was the Comcast server being down.... I called Comcast..they have no clue what Sprint is talking about and that their servers do not send any command that would shut down any device....they laughed and asked if my carrier was Sprint...hum.... they must have others call in as well.

I was also told that his was happening earlier with other LG 370's they received....

I've had cheap throw away phone in the past and they held up for years....this one fails after a few days.   Again...this is the third phone they are ordering and I said I want a different model...this one isn't working...I've offered to pay the difference in price... but am told I can't do that.   Why?

I should have gone to Best Buy...at least they support their customer base...Sprint does not.  I asked to have the manager call me Saturday..they were open...no call... I've been without a working phone for two days now...and the replacement isn't coming in until Tuesday ...maybe.    So I am paying for phone service that I am not getting.  

This is not about the phone...this is about customer service.  I was told that the phone I get may be refurbed....that's nice...a phone that is only 30 days old...new...and I get a refurbed.   Would you settle for this type of service and eqiupment...no matter the price? 

Cupersrusada... I paid for phone that they told me it would work...if I didn't have the assurance plan...the replacement is around $200 for the same phone.  So again..it's not a $19 phone. 

Again to anyone.... is there anyone that knows how to get Sprint to support the equipment they sale? 


sorry al,

i appologize with not the accurate information about your type of phone.  I got the rumor 260 got that one for free so its a cheapie but works for me.  Don't get offended wasn't trying to knock you down, sorry about that.  unfortuately you will get a refurbished phone they will transfer all you info onto to it the refurbished phone look brand new you will never know the difference besides it will work without any problems eventually you will get a phone with not one problem you may go through a few though.  I know I have.  Let me no what you did please thanks.



We regret any inconvenience you have experienced with this matter.

Each phone comes with a one-year manufacturer's warranty that provides the customer with a replacement phone (reconditioned) of that same model, if a manufacturer's defect is determined and the phone can not be repaired. We continue support the device at the Sprint Service and Repair location with repair and replacement after that one-year warranty if you subscribe to the TEP program.  TEP covers the phone if it is damaged, lost, or stolen and extend the service and repair of the device past the warranty timeframe.  As a result, we provide customers with options to make sure they have a working phone for their services.  If you continue to experience problems with a particular model device, you can also address your concerns by contacting the manufacturer of the device. 

If you are currently experiencing problems with your handset, we recommend that you take it to a Sprint Service & Repair Store. You can locate a repair store closest to you and schedule an appointment at www.sprint.com/storelocator. The store technician or store manager can answer any of your questions regarding the manufacturer's warranty.




I would have to echo the same issues with this phone and the response from customer service about the powercycling.

I would have to add to my issue with customer service regarding this phone, when I re-upped my contract for another TWO years I added a line to my unlimited contract. Its great having unlimited web use, only thing I wasnt told was that both of the phones they sold me would not support the web use. Now 6 months into the contract I am told I would have to purchase two new phones (PDA) at full price, or go find them used. what gets to me is that I was sold a product that wouldnt live up to the contract, but i am supposed to live up to my end of it.

6+ years of using Sprint, as my family grows I am sure my contracts will as well, and now it seems fitting to look into other providers.


I eventually was able to get Sprint to exchange the phone for an Samsung Exclaim...which seem to work just fine.

My concern is the time and effort it took to make this happen....and the hours I spend without a working unit and the hours waiting for them to respond...

Since I have received the new unit...I continue to get emails that state the policy on return equipment (which they basically say I am stuck with the LG)... it's is obvious they are so large they don't communicate with each other.

I have had the fortune of one young lady email me  whowas very polite and concerned and did escalate my concerns.....I appreciate that...and the follow up she provided. 

To all the others...just quoting the same old policy and not offering any real solutions...you should be ashamed.

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