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LG Optimus S Low Voice


LG Optimus S Low Voice

Callers complain that my voice has very low volume and have difficulty hearing me.  I can hear them fine.

Any ideas?

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Re: LG Optimus S Low Voice

I am not sure if your issue is specific to your device, or if it's related to general phone usage.  Sometimes, when changing phones, I have to change how I hold the new phone.

Locate the microphone at the bottom of your phone.  It's a small pin-sized hole.  While talking, make sure the microphone is pointed in the general direction of your mouth, and is not covered by a finger.  I use my right ear, so my pinkie is less likely to cover the microphone.  Finally, I have found that if you hold just the bottom half of your phone, the palm of your hand helps direct your voice into the microphone for a clearer transmission.

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