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LG Optimus - different colors?


LG Optimus - different colors?

Does anyone know if the LG Optimus is coming in different colors?

I need to get 2 for my kids but it looks like it only comes in one color for now



Re: LG Optimus - different colors?

Yes, it is going to be offered in Purple. I believe it will be available Nov 21.


Re: LG Optimus - different colors?

That will be sweet.

Kid's lines are up for renewal in 2 weeks


Re: LG Optimus - different colors?


I know that by now you have the answer about the Optimus Colors, but I just wanted you to know that I just recently upgraded to the PURPLE OPTIMUS! I'm not a teenager, but I just loved the very,glossy deep, jewel toned, purple color  choice for this phone.  I've had so many compliments on my phone and on the color, asking me what phone it was that I am carrying!  The purple is unique from other colored phones that I've seen in the past. It looks highly pigmented, a rich,deep and opulent purple, not lavender or light purple.  I was going to get the Optimus anyway, because I had already  heard about it's positive qualities from two friends; both in different states, and both whom had changed from other providers just to get this phone(by the way, they both got the purple color as well!) They also liked that the Sprint plan was much more cost efficient than what they had been paying with their former providers. The extra plan perks from Sprint such as the "any mobile to any mobile" call coverage was certainly a plus as well!  So they had about 8 days ahead of me on their new Optimus mobile devices, when they switched to Sprint.  Both of them have said, they are quite happy with their choices! With that to spur on my curiosity, I decided to look into the phone myself.

So, right after Christmas, I checked my availability to upgrade  to another device, and I was happy to find that, I could indeed upgrade! So I jumped on the opportunity, and quickly ordered  my new Optimus in purple, and had it in in my hands in three days! Let me say the color on computer screens doesn't do the phone justice. It truly is a beautiful device! The device feels substantial, without feeling too heavy in the hand. It looks and feels well made. It's just altogether a very impressive phone, (purple or not). I think a great deal of thought went into developing this phone. I'm very happy that it has 2.2 on it as well!  I  also purchased the gel, silicone protective cover that was made for the it.  The gel covers came packaged two together, in the colors black and purple to match the phones own colors. I feel that sometimes cases can deter from the overall good looks of a phone or other electronics device, but they got the gel colors just about spot on, so it still enhances my phone(showing off my color choice and sense of style) while still protecting it as well!

I've only had my phone a couple of days, but I am "so" impressed. I know now why so many people are loving this phone. My boyfriend just upgraded as well. He got the black Optimus just two days  before I got mine! He then talked to his family about the phone. That ended up with his brother, also a customer of Sprint, purchasing the black Optimus for himself. His brother's son then wanted one just like it for himself,so the brother  got another black one for his teenage son, and then he purchased the purple one for his wife! We are all really enjoying this phone! Thanks to Sprint for carrying this great device! .

So yes, I took a chance and ordered the Optimus in the purple color,and as you can tell, " I love it". Sprint has yet to disappoint on it's coverage or service on this device! I came from another cellphone provider, after ten plus years of service with them. I had an Iphone, and after moving to my new home state, the small problems with it became large ones. The last straw came when I called trying for help of any kind, to please help me get my phone to stop dropping calls. Well, this time the customer service rep told me that "I shouldn't expect the phone to be good at both technology, like app's and browsing, and ALSO  be good at being a phone!"  How about that for an excuse for bad service? I know that it's sometimes just easier to stay with a provider you've been with forever,rather than change,but I "had" to have a phone I could depend upon. So after over a decade of being a dedicated customer, I had to make a decision to change. I ended up having to take a big bite on that issue and paid a $200(plus) early termination fee! I was only eleven months into my latest contract on the phone. When I got my final bill? I was shocked, because it ended up not being pro-rated at all!  My fiinal bill from them was over $350.00! I tried to talk to someone about this, because I had been told it would be pro-rated,but I was told after the fact that pro-rating didn't apply in my situation, because I was one month short of being at least halfway(one year) into a two year contract!  It didn't help at all that I had been a good customer with them for over a decade! I argued the point that had someone advised me of this, then I would have just "stayed" with the company for one more month, just so I "would" get the  much lower pro-rated early termination fee instead of the full fee! Besides I wasn't leaving because I just "felt like it", I was leaving because I was paying for a service that I couldn't use!  So I tried to explain my situation, and explaining that common sense would dictate, that had I been given the choice, I would have stayed one more month on contract with them to avoid the high cancelation fee!  It wouldn't even make sense for me to do anything else! But, I guess we all know that when it comes to some situations. Words mean nothing and you find you are at a dead end and just have to pay it. So, unhappy as I was, that's what  I did. Oh well, good riddance and lesson learned for sure. I do feel that more companies today do "not" care about their long term loyal paying customers. I wasn't even late one time in all those years, but being a good customer did me no good when it came to having to leave due to the service being so poor that I couldn't even "use" their latest,greatest phone.

But back to the more positive tone! This Optimus is one really amazing( and affordable)phone!  I have yet to have one dropped call,and that's with background apps of all kinds running. The calls are clear! I simply have no complaints on either the phone or on Sprint! I  do really now prefer the android phones like the Optimus,  because you can really customize them to your own likes and personality! It's like a custom ordered device. You can pick the backgrounds,the apps that all relate to your likes,your lifestyle and work style as well. The device can truly be "yours" wlhen you look at it!  Your wallpaper,(oh and wow, I love the new live wallpapers!), the gadgets you choose, the size of the widgets,all the shortcuts, just so many things! My purple Optimus screen looks completely different than my fiance's sister's screen! But we both love our phones. . I didn't mean to write a novel about this, but I just want anyone researching about possibly choosing this phone? Take a chance! Sprint gives you 30 days to discover if it's  something that you feel is right for you or not, so you won't be losing anything. The price can't be beat for such an upscale device! I know I won't be returning mine!  IM LOVING MY NEW PURPLE OPTIMUS ,and loving Sprint for not only carrying it, but also for proving that "yes, you can have a great device and a great phone in one stylish package!


Re: LG Optimus - different colors?

Wow, that's a long post!  And you are not a teenager? haha, just kidding! Please don't chop my head off!  I really enjoy my Optimus, too.  Some people who use the 2GB Samsung card that was packaged with the phone are having some trouble with the card.  But getting a class 4 or 6 card should fix that issue.

Make sure to upgrade some of the stock apps, like YouTube.  The device won't automatically tell you there's an upgrade, you just have to look up the app in the Market and tap Upgrade.  Or, you can download AppBrain, and that will tell you of all the apps that can be upgraded on your phone, like Google Maps, Google Street, etc.

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