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LG PM-225 firmware question


LG PM-225 firmware question

Can someone who works for Sprint (preferably) tell me what is the latest version of the firmware for the PM-225??
I currently have S/W ver. P225V10, H/W ver. Rev.1.0, PRL ver. PRL 10036, Browser Ver., and CMSF Ver. .
I have heard (and this was at least a year ago!) that there was a version 12 for the S/W, and even spoke to a CSR or TSR (can't remember which) who confirmed this, but I have never been able to do an update from the menu (always get "HTTP Error: No firmware update available!"), and when the Rep tried to push it to me, that also failed. The Rep suggested I take it in to a repair center for on-site upgrade.
This brings up a seond question, perhaps off topic for this board, but what the heck... I live in northeast Louisiana, about 90 miles east of Shreveport along I-20. Zip Code 71201. Can someone tell me where are the closest Repair Centers are? I have tried the 'Store Locator' online, but there are apparently no centers within 100 miles of me...
Thanks in advance,


Re: LG PM-225 firmware question

Oh Please, NONE of you hotshot Sprint CSRs and TSRs have an answer??

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