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LG Remarq Internet Question

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LG Remarq Internet Question

I have a brand new LG Remarq. I do not have internet on my (Sprint) plan. Occasionally, someone who doesn't know sends a pic and it goes directly to internet. And I cannot get off said internet. Of course, this incurs charges (what doesn't?). Anyone know exactly how I can turn off internet on an LG R?

Used to have the LG Rumor. When this type of thing happened on that one, I would take out the battery for ten seconds and put it back in - a hassle, but it worked. Doesn't seem to be doing it the trick this time. Meanwhile, my bill racks up.

And if anyone knows how I can block this type of thing from ever happening, period (like, how I can stop it from automatically going online when a picture is sent, how I can block internet ALTOGETHER), I'd be grateful.

Thanks in advance.


LG Remarq Internet Question

From the users guide 

To turn data off on your device go t settings>others>data>on/off the press disable (right softkey)

You can aslo disable web access on  by signing in going to the my preferences tab  scroll down and select web access and disable

LG Remarq Internet Question

Done. And this will not affect other business - texting, etc? Just to make sure.


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