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LG Remarq Problem - Won't Power On


LG Remarq Problem - Won't Power On

I have an LG Remarq and when I  woke up yesterday the phone would not power on.  I tried charging it but  nothing happens - the charging light does not even come on.  It worked  fine before I went to sleep - no drops or water damage. I bought the  phone in December 2010 and have never experienced any problems with it  until now.

Can someone help me fix my problem?


LG Remarq Problem - Won't Power On

Hello.  Sorry to hear about that, I know that must be frustrating.  You need to take your phone to a Sprint Service and Repair Center.  Click on the link provided then click on " target=%E2%80%9D_blank


If you have trouble with this link, the "Find a Store" link is at the top of this page.

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