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LG Remarq Problem!

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LG Remarq Problem!

So I was over a friends house today painting rims and all of a sudden I took my phone out and the screen was black/blank. The phone was still on, but the screen was blank. The phone turns on and off, vibrates, and plays sounds. I can even call people by remembering how to navigate through buttons, but I cannot see my screen. I have never had this problem before. Can someone please assist me with this issue? Thanks.



LG Remarq Problem!

I'm having a similiar problem with my Remarq as well.  Screen pixellates, then goes blank. Phone still on, but can't see the screen. Sometimes it turns all RED or Green, then blanks out again. Take the battery out for a minute or two, and it's back to normal.  Anybody got any idea what's going on with these phones? I'm about to get rid of mine.


LG Remarq Problem!

Sounds like a device issue with the phone.  I would take it into a service and repair center  and have them take a look at it . 

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