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LG Rumor 2 Problems


LG Rumor 2 Problems

What a total POS.

I am very very dissapointed with this phone. This is my 3rd and the issues seem to keep getting worse and worse. I have had my wonderful new replacement phone all of about a day. and its screwing up the same way again.

screen keeps reversing, or goes blank, battery has like no life even after long charges, super super laggy getting message OUT... not in... OUT, especially while typing... ive had carb turbos system with less lag. memory card slot is super sensitive. put a mem card in it and dont take it out again!

This is just the worst phone ever. my rumor 1 was twice the phone that rumor 2 is. is there any possible hope they will come up with a programming fix? or am I going to have to shell out money for another crappy sprint phone?

sprint ............ your F'n failing man.


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