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LG Rumor 2 and Yahoo IM

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LG Rumor 2 and Yahoo IM

Well, I just made the switch to Sprint, and I notice that my newly ordered Rumor 2 supports YIM, which is a definite plus for me. Of course, it won't get to me till mid-week, since I ordered it Friday night, but still...

Question is this, though. My trusty old Motorola RAZR (yeah, its been a while since I've upgraded. >.> ) through Verizon had a nice little Yahoo Messenger app that treated Yahoo IMs as text messages, not charging me for any actual *data* transmissions, just SMSs. Is this how Sprint's version of this service will run, or will it be treated as part of the internet/data plan I didn't get and cost data airtime?

If the latter, I'll live. I got the unlimited texting plan, since I can access both Twitter and YIM via plain old SMS's. Its just much clunkier to do so with YIM is all, would rather use the built-in messaging app if possible.



Re: LG Rumor 2 and Yahoo IM

If you do not have a data pack included with your plan, you will be charged the data usage when accessing the Instant Messaging application. Data usage is $.03/kb.  You may view more information regarding this online at



Hope this is of some help!

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