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LG Rumor 2, moving music to phone from a Mac


LG Rumor 2, moving music to phone from a Mac


I just purchased a memory card and USB cable so that I can move some songs over to my new LG Rumor 2.   I have a Macbook Pro.   The user guide says to plug the phone into the computer and that the computer will recognize the phone as an external disk, then you just drag and drop files to the phone.  It sounds like it should work much like a USB stick. 

When I plug my phone into my computer using the Transfer Music option under USB Mode, the phone asks me if i'd like to suspend calls while transfer takes place, then the screen looks like it's in a receiving mode.    The phone never shows up on my computer as an external disk, though.   When I use the Mass Storage option under USB Mode, I get a little further.  My iPhoto opens and the phone shows up as an external disk on the left side of the iPhoto window but I can't drag and drop photos to it.

Is there a trick to get either Transfer Music or Mass Storage to work?


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Re: LG Rumor 2, moving music to phone from a Mac

I figured it out.

I connected my phone to my laptop, then restarted the laptop.   That did the trick.  The phone showed up as an external disk within iTunes, iPhoto, and in the Devices list on the left side of the window.   I moved both music and photos and all the files appeared on the phone where expected!

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