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LG Rumor 2 problem


LG Rumor 2 problem

When I slide the phone open, the part with the screen and number pad does not light up or work at all. The qwerty board lights up. The phones makes sounds. But the screen doesnt light up at all. None of the numbers work or anything. Any ideas?

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Re: LG Rumor 2 problem

I am doing some looking into problems for a friend and this is what has been happening to him too.

I hear there is an update but not sure if it fixes this problem.

He says, "This phone is startin to tic me off it keeps freezin and the key board keeps cuttin in and out i have only had it for a month and i have yet to drop it."

So I am looking for some help for him too. I was going to get the same phone before these issues started occuring. Now I dont know if I would buy this LG Canada phone ever.


Re: LG Rumor 2 problem

Good Afternoon.........

I apologize that you are experiencing this problem with your phone. I understand that you are unable to enjoy all the functions of the phone with experiencing these problems. With the screen of the phone not working nor the Keyboard, this sounds as if this would be an issue that you would need to take into your Local Sprint Store/Repair Center to have the phone evaluated by a Sprint Technician.

Once the phone has been evaluated, a representative within the store will let you know if the phone can be repaired or if it will need to be replaced. The Representative will also lead you in the right direction as to the next step or steps you will need to follow.

"The Responsibilities of the Repair Center are to repair or replace your phones and accessories, if not damaged beyond repair. Replacements will take 2 or 3 business days to complete."

You can find the nearest Sprint/Repair Center closets to you by going to Here you will be prompted to enter your address and then you will choose the Radio button next to "Repair Centers Near Me". You will then be given a list of options to choose from.

I truly hope this will be of some assist to you, so that you can continue to enjoy your device.

Great Day & My Pleasure........

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