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LG Rumor Touch - Browser and Digital Lounge Issues


Re: LG Rumor Touch - Browser and Digital Lounge Issues

My daughter has the same issues , and everytime she accepts picture mail or does anything with the internet browser , her phone freezes and she has to take the battery out for FIVE minutes , and then turn it back on . We go into Sprint , and everyone tells her they can't find the issues , and when it's there it works perfectly fine . I WONDER WHY ?! THERE IS A SPRINT TOWER IN THE BACK OF THE BUILDING ! We have all the troubles in the world with sprint , and are ready to switch .

Re: LG Rumor Touch - Browser and Digital Lounge Issues

Check to see that her phone is up to date with the most recent upgrade version available. Very Happy


Re: LG Rumor Touch - Browser and Digital Lounge Issues

If you log into yahoo IM look through the optons and there should be one to go mobile. There is nothing to download to your phone. It is that easy.


Re: LG Rumor Touch - Browser and Digital Lounge Issues

The Touch Rumor is an ongoing learning phone for me ~ Im an 18yr user of sprint (12 lines / mifi / usb wireless...etc)

(ps dont forget - they DO honor their 30 day guarantee - if ya dont like the phone - they honor their word and take it back at no cost to you !!)

Sprint - is , the BEST. Let's see if anything I've experienced this month with my rumor can help you.

I am learning that I have made the phone harder to use than is truly is. So far, here are somethingsI learned and did to improve my seemingly continuous abilties the phone provides.

1. Touch Calibration - The "touch" may need you to go to settings/tools/touch calibration and redo the calibration to train the screen to "feel you". Doing this twice, my touch issues are not an issue now. (adding a clear plastic screen protector threw off the phone's sensors calibration of MY touch for example).

Also, not the the touch recognition on all touch systems of phones, computers, etc is "felt" inclusive to the temp/warmth. therefore, if your hands are cold or the weather has changed whereas your unit is cold - a little warm up can get you moving quickly. Example, i rub the face of the screen across my sweat shirt (shines it up and warms it up !) and as a naturally cold handed person (as many women tend to be); i warm my hand up by doing the same and the "flow" is great.

2. Downloading. I honestly had taken myself to the edge of "throwing the phone out of the window" in frustration for NOT getting the dowloads of ringers, apps, music, etc INTO the phone.

I finally got it. It was simple. Example: in my "stuff" or settings - ringers had a wee little box on it - that was the attachment i need to download.

So with all of the tings I had to get into my phone, I went to my content that took me to the browser; i scrolled to the department area of my stuff; one example - ringtones - i highllighted it and there was the items i ordered previously - i highlighted them and click download.

Long sotry shoret; in doing all of this - it all came into my pgone and and better yet, after ever download, it gave me choices for use and setup for every item.

FYI -0 in "My Stuff"...scroll to the bottom and hit options. you can find your content mgr there and downlads too.

I did note that the APPLICATION was NOT helpful -as I did not have my applications downloaded yet; they were in again, my content, awaiting for me to highlight and dowload.

The music works in the same way. Too make it better, the SYNC option I found let me pull in ALOT of tunes from my laptop into the phone.

I SEE you appear to be having issues that were one of my kids a while back on a different phone.

'Long sotry short - the DATA transfer  (incoming/outgoing) package was not in the phone properly, as if we had read when buying that phone in advance; the data pack for these option (tv, etc) are to be discussed and placed when you activate the phone. It can happen;.

THE MANUAL that come with the Rumor is HUGE. est. 50 plus units later, I must say this little book looked intimidating. But I thought, what the heck, I dont need THAT !! My wrong. I am STILL finding more features I didnt know I already had and am not bothering tech support for my lack of simply, not picking up the users manual. THIS ONE matters and gives you info you dont know you have in the phone.

This is the BEST phone I have ever had to date. I can assure you there is NOT a sprint phone that my family or company has NOT had; and I am on my est. 25th unit since 93'.

Worst case scenerio - DO call customer service - DO ask for a domestic tech if you are having a real hard time - sprint is always happy to get me transferred asap. (The late nite hours are great, as they are not as busy - many work related calls by me to sprint at est. 2am have been VERY progressive - especially when addressing est. 6 phones / 2 wireless connections, etc.

One last thing. Important!!

D"O check the COVERAGE are map on

Some of us have billing adresseses where we do NOT actually use the equipment for the majorrity of the time.

THIS can be a problem if you are buying "3/4G" apps and see you live or use your product that is NOT in a "Best" rated area for such.

(this is why I suppose they ask online for our zip code when shopping online - as I always seem to do)

My youngest son just went to the spint "repair" center/store in the area, as his new "top of the wolrd everyone has to have" phone was acting up on him. He is more than thrilled. They replaced, reprogrammed, added extras and sent him walking with everything all good and more.

(my 6 kids have gicen in - knowing that having wireless backup turned ON "saves their lives" if a phone is stolen/damaged, etc) and the memory card has inclusively saved many memories. (we actually did not lose a malarky car accident lawsuit as my son has TONS of pics from the scene that PROVED the matter) - needless to say the other was NOT able to throw a college aged driver to the wolves. Thanks to sprint !

Good luck. Once you get your rumor rolling - you will become attached to it. I used the first one they had and am on the latest one now. Thr sprint Rumor in my opinion is hands down, a TOP unit to have. And hang in there, I have taken the time to write this; as the service is above and beyond all others - they are building 4g towers right now that are "leaps" above all other carriers.

This, with the customer service, you cant buy anywhere else. It isnt ALWAYS perfect - life is not that way. BUT - sprint, is the best cell phone provider we could hope to have.

All the best !!

Spint Loyal in Los Angeles


Re: LG Rumor Touch - Browser and Digital Lounge Issues


I've had my phone less than 1 month, a rumor touch also, and This is my 2nd phone, I can't send texts unless

it's clear outside & I put it right on the window.. Getting on the internet , i get time out. when i get to a sprint store,,, boy  they will hear it..


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