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LG Rumor Touch Contacts


LG Rumor Touch Contacts

Is there any quicker way to enter my contacts (phone numbers, email addresses, cell numbers, address, etc.) into my LG Rumor Touch besides doing it by hand? Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.

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Re: LG Rumor Touch Contacts

From my experience, if you had them on an old phone you can send them to a PC via the bluetooth as a .vcf file, then you can send it to your new phone as a .vcf file and it will automatically put it in your contacts. Not sure if it has to be the same phone but I would guess that it would inter changable.


Re: LG Rumor Touch Contacts

I use JContactBackup app to import contacts to my phone.

There is a good article on using that app for the touch @Hubpages.

I've also used googlesync app, but it doesn't import. Its good for getting contacts off a phone though.

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